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Photos ~ follow-up to my previous post


Last Edited: July 2, 2008, 8:41 am

Awesome photos second link, they're doing some serious damage control.   

From a quick search the problem appears similar to a hair algae I got in my aquarium several years ago which attached itself to the bottom and sides, wafting in turbulence caused by filtration.  Definitely a pest species which takes over everything around it. 

Quick search for that type algae.

Species Name:       Enteromorpha flexuosa
Common Name:                  (Hollow Green Weed)





" Also some 40 days must hold the Olympic Games which attracted worldwide attention, Qingdao took the only Aofansai host city, actually has faced the unprecedented challenge. Recently, the massive eruption's enteromorpha caused the Qingdao seashore to lose former days's deep blue, turned a piece of green. Has the high nutrition even for medicinal purposes value enteromorpha, because is actually in flood in reproduction into Qingdao even Chinese heart's pain. Critical moment which must convene immediately at the Olympic Games, looked into the causes or holds responsible did not have the enough time, now can do only has by the quickest speed eliminates these seaweeds, but also Qingdao by deep blue, guaranteed the Qingdao Aofansai smooth success advance.
    At present the enteromorpha has not created the ecological hazard, actually serious influence Qingdao's seashore landscape and foreign image. After the national seaweed expert's urgent consultation, everybody thinks under the present this condition, only then one method can the quickest elimination enteromorpha, that be a character - fishes! Presently, fished the enteromorpha to the seashore already to become the entire Qingdao most urgent duty. At this moment, already had the formidable fishing for troop which composes in the blue army officers and soldiers and the local fisherman in the Qingdao offshore sea area to carry on the uninterrupted fishing. But more people already were also mobilized to participate this critical time Qingdao, even in Chinese image motion.

The following to help with the horizon arrives personally the photography the real-life scenery, Qingdao's POPER, go into action, my strength, ascends the Qingdao blue sea blue sky again, "


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