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Wheels and whatnot


Last night I was sitting on the front porch having a last smoke before taking it to the wagon yard.  Pleasant night, quiet, cool enough to need a light jacket.  All the cats were inside, I'd counted them as I argued and cajoled them indoors an hour earlier.

So, when I heard a large owl drop out of the tall elm just south of the property line and whopwhopwhopwhop through the porchlight I didn't have a moment of concern about what it was about to snag.  Two brief feline screams from the meadow to the north told the tale.  The cat in the woods cried farewell.

I came in and did a head-count, just making sure my atrophied brain hadn't fooled me, or that one of the sneaky felines hadn't slipped outside when I opened the door to go out.  All present and accounted for.

I'd guess the neighbors to the south lost one of the three they leave out nights to prowl for rodents.

Anyway, about the wheel.  I had things worked down to what I hoped was 20 numbers, cross-checked, filtered, shrunk and distilled.  Got an abbreviated wheel with them on the pick five, then scattered the same numbers around as red ball.

$50 worth of tickets, every number that hit on the PB jackpot last night showed up on at least two tickets, but I hadn't included 36 as one of the red ball choices.  Wouldn't have won in any case, but to get those numbers bunched up for the $100000 bonus as white balls would have required a lot tighter wheel, maybe $500  bucks worth instead of 50.  Maybe more.  I haven't looked.

I'm going to have to see if I can duplicate that process several more times on a fairly consistent basis before I spend $500 on a wheel.

Meanwhile, I'm still convinced that if the numbers can be filtered down to 20 on a consistent basis, they're following some set of rules that will allow them to be narrowed down a lot further...it's just a matter of understanding what they're about, thinks I.



Entry #33


ayenowitallComment by ayenowitall - May 30, 2005, 8:13 am

I think you're onto something here. When it comes to lottery drawings, the numbers seem to obey only a handful of rigid laws. The rest that we come up with is largely just wishful thinking. After all these years, I think that I've finally discovered one of those laws that can be counted on most of the time. I just might die before I discover another one.

Your neighbors' cat must have been wearing a 36 on its back. And that owl must have flown in from Idaho.

Keep on smoking and counting.

Comment by Rip Snorter - May 30, 2005, 9:12 am
When it comes to counting cats and smoking I follow some fairly rigid rules, me ownself.

As for the numbers, if you've found one you're doing better than most ever will. I've noticed in studying them fairly intensely for the past while that their behaviors have a way of showing themselves in bursts, rapid fire, then seem to find a closet to hide in for another while.

Keep on with your searching for those rules, or with your wishful thinking, if you prefer.

Thanks for the reply, amigo.

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