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Michigan Club Keno


My wife and I have been playing the Michigan Club Keno ever since it started. Yesterday we went to dinner and to play keno. In doing so we had a very unusual experiance that I would like to share and see if anyone has ever had the same experiance.

First, I was playing 5 numbers for $1.00 for 5 draws. During the 4th draw I was sure I saw all 5 numbers drawn. I told my wife I had just won $410.00. We both looked at the monitor which no longer showed the drawing screen, but rather the drawn screen. When viewing it I realized I had only matched 4 of the 5 numbers winning only $18.00. I brushed it off as, "well, I must need glasses".

A few games later we had our second unusual experiance. My wife always plays the same 4 numbers for  $2.00 for 3 draws. I was watching the monitor, and knowing her numbers, I nudged her to tell her that all she needed was the 6 ball to win. We both directed our full attention to the monitor to see that 3 of her 4 balls were if fact drawn. We continued to watch the balls come out and the last ball was her number 6 ball giving her 4 of 4 numbers. She yelled, I won! Then we watched the monitor display screen switch from the drawing screen to the drawn screen. The number 10 ball, (one of her 4 balles), was GONE!!! It appeared to have been replaced with the number 9 ball. Because my wife and I know the difference between the 9 ball (a single digit and not a corner ball on the draw monitor) and the number 10 ball (a double digit in the corner on the draw monitor) my earlier suspicion had become more of a fact. We checked her ticket and it verified as a $12.00 winner, $2.00 from one drawing of having 2 of 4 numbers, and $10.00 for one drawing for having 3 of 4 numbers. We did not cash the ticket in as we both felt cheated!

When returning home, due to the lack of doubt I emailed the Michigan Lottery bureau to voice my complaint but I'm yet to receive a reply.

The drawing date was 07/21/08, drawing number 443527. I would truly love to hear about anyone having issues of any kind with the Michigan Lottery. I'm not sure if there is any laws prohibiting me from taking pictures or videos of the drawings with my cell phone, but if that's what it takes to prove my theory that between the drawing and drawn numbers on the monitor screen they can be changed, I will do it!

I have also spoken to a good friend of mine about this, and he claimed to experiance the exact same thing in the past. He said that it was due to that experiance he no longer plays the Michigan Club Keno.


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lothobComment by lothob - July 25, 2008, 9:38 pm
I don't know about Michigan but it sure seems as if there's some kind of program that the computer seems to know what the winning tickets are!

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