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Reasons To Journal


Reasons To Journal
Have you ever wondered what journaling is really about? It seems the art of writing for the pure pleasure of writing has been lost in the hustle and bustle of our active, “always in a hurry to get somewhere” society. And with that lost art, is a loss of purpose—a loss of sense.

Journaling, on a regular basis, can do wonders for a person’s inner well-being. It can help you work through anger, grief, depression, and hurt feelings. It can help you learn to find the good in the bad. It can even help you keep a personal record of the good times in your life (for the day when your memory begins to fail).

To put it in the most simplest of terms, writing in a journal can dramatically change the way you live and view the world around you.

Journaling can help you:
1. De-stress.
2. Find gratitude.
3. Find contentment.
4. Put hurtful memories to rest.
5. Solve personal problems.
6. Solve work problems.
7. Solve friendship problems.
8. Solve family problems.
9. Work through anger.
10. Work through grief.
11. Work through losses.
12. Break bad habits.
13. Find resolutions.
14. Set and meet goals.
15. Declutter your life and your home.
16. Narrow down your personal values.
17. Slow down long enough to appreciate the life around you.
18. Record personal observations about the life around you.
19. Explore the world around you.
20. Capture the beauty of the world around you.
21. Ponder the greater meaning of life.
22. Discover your personal values: what they were, what they are, and what you might want them to become.
If you feel bogged down by the pressures of life, take ten minutes today to start your own personal journal. Your mind will thank you for it!

And you will find that you will not take personal issues out on your fellow partners..we need to learn to respect each other more than we do, tomorrow is promised to no one..Some things cannot be taken back and forgotten.....

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TenajComment by Tenaj - July 30, 2008, 3:27 am
Thank you Jani for this blog entry. I have a friend who journals and she said that it helps her solve her problems.

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