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Playing Off Double Vtracs


Example 1

When a double vtrac falls, (I'll try to use examples )..you can only play so many ways:

For example:  say a double vtrac falls 533.  (Tn's yesterday) and you have at least 2 due vtracs..in this case, we had the 2 (out 4), the 4(out 2), and the 1(0,5).  The "linking" vtrac (from what fell previously) would be one of three choices:  the 5 vtrac to come back, the 3 vtrac to come back or the 33 vtrac pair to come back. 

Vtrac set up would look like this:

  • 2 4 1
  •    3
  • 5 3 3        <-----to come back the 5, the 3 or the 33.


In this case, the 33 vtrac came back with the 2 vtrac which was out the longest (4 draws.  The clue was the due digit ..a 6.


Example 2

Let me use ky mid's draws for the next example:

Their vtrac on Thursday mid was 511 (905).  Their due vtracs were 2(1,6) out 3, 4(3,8) out 2 and 3(2,7).

their vtrac set up would have looked like this for this morning:

  • 2  4  3
  •  1,  5
  • 5  1  1 <-------- to come back would have been the 5, the 1 or the 11 pair.

In this case they brought the 1 vtrac with the 2 and the 3 vtrac.   Normally if I pick one from the bottom, then I would have had vtrac pairs 24,23 and 43 from the top.  My due digit was a 6 so i could have eliminated the 43 vtrac pair.  so now I have 24 and  23 vtrac pairs left. That gives me vtracs 124 and 123.   That is 16 numbers.  I normally will then try to use the root sums to narrow down my choices and/or the description list of what is due: 

They had:

  • 2 carried  <--to get this I would have had to use 2 vtracs from the bottom
  • all even <--in both vtracs 123 and 124, there are only 2 even numbers
  • o carried-<this means I don't use any numbers or vtracs to come back. I play off the top only. so I eliminate this one.
  • wild match   <------both of my even choices are both wild matches. 

Conclusion:  play 068 and 026.

The root sums were 1,9,8 and 2.     The 8 would have matched.

Example three:

 Don't use any of them to come back and just play the top three vtracs.


Example 4. 

Make double vtracs out of the ones on the top and play them with each other.  For example:

Vtrac Set-up:

  • 2,3,4
  •    2
  • 5 1 1 <---this is the double vtrac that fell but say it does NOT match the middle digit.


What you can do then is to make the 223 or 224 vtracs and filter from there. or double the other 2 and play with the 2 vtrac and FILTER using your root sums and your descriptions of what is due if you have them. This method depends heavily on a long overdue vtrac pair or trio.


More later..Good Luck!


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