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The end of KFC, the beginning of KGC or KBC...


Last Edited: August 2, 2008, 7:01 pm

Well i didn't know how bad frying food could be, but a doctor told me about it..And you know frying stuff is bad for you, and i thought...Why don't they create something JUST like KFC but of grilled or like chicken put in the oven? It will be healthy for America...That KFC thing got to go or restructure it or modify it some and offer the option of chicken in the oven or grilled chicken....

Honestly the chickens if KFC are not all that, they are too hard, and i just thought, not just chicken but fish too...And i also thought...I heard of a comercial of a guy who invented a system where you could put the fish or chicken in the microwave with a special plate made off a special material and the fish or chicken will be baked, actually the word they used was "grilled"...I didn't see this comercial in the States i only saw it here in Panama...Something to do with the waves the microwaves produces...

But you can only place 1 fish at a time in this particular microwave with the special plate...Actually you cover the food with a plate that is made of a special material and then is placed in the microwave and then the food is grilled...And it takes 7 minutes...And i thought, why don't they create something bigger where you can place more foods...Instead of 1 fish you can place several fishes and let them be done in 7 minutes...Then they could create a KFC type of thing but of grilled chicken, then it will be called Kentucky Grilled Chicken or Kentucky Baked Chicken...

But knowing KFC, they are going to be like the oil companies and try to shut out such technology...Just your capitalism at work...This technology could revolutionize the way we eat and make most americans eat healthy and prevent people from getting heart attacks, etc...It sure will be nice to see a Kentucky Baked Chicken or a Kentucky Grilled Chiken around in every corner, or it will be nice to go to KFC and order a baked chiken or grilled chiken...Just to think that they don't have a chain of Restaurants like KFC but of soup...One problem i am seeing with that technology is that that technology i don't know if is tested and checked against developing cancer or anything like that....

Can you imagine a Kentucky Baked Chicken? Whao, it sure will be cool ain't it...I say this because i think chicken is the most eaten food in the ENTIRE GLOBE/PLANET...Please people give me your opinions i am eager to find out your opinions and what you think...

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lottolaughsComment by lottolaughs - August 2, 2008, 11:05 pm
Pumpi,this is a wonderful idea. I thought KFC did offer some grilled chicken choices but I haven't been there in years,just thought I saw it on the commercials. Fried chicken is one of the worst things for you,all the cholestral is in the skin and of course everyone bites into it to taste that finger lickin good flavor. I used to have a book where it gave recipes that are "close" to fast foods,things like Whoppers and Snickers bars and KFC was in there too. There is no reason on earth they can't bake their chicken instead of fry but I believe whenever a fast food joint tries to "healthy up" their menu you will notice that these items don't last long because the public would rather eat the fatter tastier way. I used to love Taco Bell's old "diet menu" back in the early 90's I think it was,the chicken burrito was delicious and low fat but wouldn't you know, it was gone within a year and they never brought it back. When people go to restaurants they are not thinking "health", they are thinking "fast" "tasty" and "cheap". I worked in restaurants long enough to never want to go to another one but once in awhile you have to especially if you are travelling.
The guy who started Boston Market Chicken now has started some sort of healthy fast food chain. I haven't heard anything lately about it but he was supposed to open more across the country. I'm all for that. In fact I've often wanted to open a lunch place that had a little restaurant in the front and a track in the back so if you have an hour for lunch I'd make you get on the track and walk for 1/2 an hour and then you come in and eat for the other 1/2,LOL. Anything to get people moving and off their butts. But I'm sure Id be out of business in a month. It would be hard to get people to "walk for their supper" in this day and age.
But you're on the right track,pumpi,good topic here. All restaurants should throw out their fryers and bake bake bake! You can even bake french fries and they taste delicious. Just cut up the potato,spray a little Pam on them and pepper and whoila! Not McDonald's but satisfying.
justxploringComment by justxploring - August 3, 2008, 12:14 am
Pumpi, there have been plenty of baked and rotisserie chicken places around for a long time. Boston Market used to be called Boston Chicken. They have restaurants all of the country. (It's actually a Colorado company.) Then there's Chick-fil-A and..well, I'm not going to name all of them! Actually, most fast food type restaurants have grilled chicken sandwiches. McDonald's has carried grilled chicken sandwiches for years.

Regarding KFC, their methods of handling chickens is very cruel, often throwing them into boiling water alive. If you saw the waste that these birds live in, all the chemicals pumped into their bodies to make them larger, and the way the food is prepared, you'd not only give up chicken & fast food, but you probably wouldn't eat anything you didn't grow yourself.
Comment by pumpi76 - August 3, 2008, 11:28 am
Boston Market, should be called "Boston Grilled Chicken" or "Boston Baked Chicken" again so that people see that is chicken they sell...If they have it as "Boston Market people are not going to know what they sell in there...Why you think KFC is so popular? Because they are named: Kentucky fried CHICKEN...
And the grilled or baked chicken placed with a healthy gravy or sauce can taste very good...
You know eating fried food with all its cholesterol and fat wrenching byproduct has been linked to breast cancer...Not only that but imaging a women getting her arteries clog and then having an orgasm? Since in an orgasm in women their heart beats faster i bet much faster than men, it could cause small parts of the cholesterol to detach from the main area and travel through the small arteries causing a stroke...
justxploringComment by justxploring - August 3, 2008, 2:20 pm
That's silly, Pumpi. Boston Market changed its name FROM Boston Chicken because the restaurant sells a lot of other meals like meatloaf, ham, turkey, soup, salad and veggie platters. They probably didn't want people who prefer other things to pass by. I doubt if there is anyone who lives near a Boston Market who doesn't realize they serve chicken. They also sell a variety of dinners in the frozen food section of the supermarket. They're a little pricy so I wait until they're on sale (like buy one get one free) I also try not to eat too much animal food, although I do eat meat once in a while.

Applebee's is one of the most successful restaurant chains in this country. At least it seems that way, since the parking lots are always full. I don't think they sell apples. Olive Garden probably has dishes with olives, but they serve lots of different Italian dishes. Chili's serves a lot more than chili. TGI Fridays, another very popular restaurant chain, is open 7 days a week.

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