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I eat turkey necks and I don't feel bad about it.  I have to eat all of my food boiled.  I can't eat very much beef or pork so I have to live off turkey, chicken and fish..  I try not to eat a lot but I like the turkey necks because I can make soups out of them or eat them by themselves.  I love oxtail soup but since they are so high now I have turkey neck soup.  Less cholesterol, too.  I also eat ground turkey.    It is almost impossible to find fresh fish unless you go fishing so I have to eat tuna fish which I really like.  I also like sardines.  I eat chicken wings because there is not a whole lot of meat on them but they have a good flavor.  I also put rice in the broth and have chicken and rice-sometimes-can't eat a lot of white things-rice, noodles, etc.  I told my husband that we need to put more vegetables in our food.  We grow some, buy some frozen and have some canned ones.  The only thing I get upset about is that THEY KNOW we need vegetables and when you shop for them, they are so high.  I also think partly it is the fault of the military who live here (active, retired and in between)  They have a guaranteed income of a certain level and these stores are getting theirs. They go to the store and they BUY!!  They don't joke around!  They buy everything and don't complain about the prices.  They have the commissary on post, and two super W-------s, Kro----s, Food L---n, Aldees and the $ store.!  They empty all of them on a monthly basis!  I try not to shop on their payday because I have gone to the store and whole shelves would be empty!!  I know when I was in the Army, I did the same thing.  There was just my first husband and me but once a month, I would go to the commissary and buy $500.00 worth of groceries.  I think about it now and realize I was so foolish.  We eat a lot of salads also.  We are going to have to try to change how we eat but I work in the day and he works at night so I think we are just snackers. Snack on this and snack on that.

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konaneComment by konane - August 5, 2008, 3:09 pm
Turkey anything is great in my book, and turkey necks have lots of good meat on them.!!! If there is a Costco in your area of if you have a friend who is a member tag along and check out their prices on stuff. Have never had any problem when friends did same for me and we had two purchase totals under my membership. :-)   Their meats are great, good prices for quality. 30 day return policy no questions asked.

Also understand Publix supermarket is going national so watch out for them. Not everything is the cheapest but awesome quality and they stand behind what they sell no questions asked unlike my last encounter with Kro... customer-no-service. Also unless they change, they own their own dairies and their dairy products are awesome and very fresh. I find them much cheaper than Kro...... who thought they were king in this area until Publix came onboard several years back. BTW, Publix has really good items under their own label, turkey included!

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