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DNC free speech zone


D as in "Democrat", you know, those people always yammering about how much they care about the "little" guy.


Talk about irony.

Entry #150


jarasanComment by jarasan - August 15, 2008, 10:25 pm
Do Not Challenge. DNC. Denver's New Concentration Camp. DNC. Definitely Not Constituitional. DNC. Democrats Not Caring. DNC. Dirty Nefarious Clintonites. DNC. Democratic Neo Communist control. DNC.
Don't Need the Constitution. DNC. Do Not Criticize. DNC. Desperately Needing Control. DNC. Democrats Negating Civil Liberties. If you stick with these undercover fascists and they'll consume your souls. It ain't the party of the people it is now the party of control, free yourselves, before it is too late, use your God given sense of rational thought and break away from the deception.

Remember how and why we still have freedom to be ourselves. God bless America.

Don't let the leftists of the Dem. party steal your free will.

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