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If you win 100 or 200 Million will you move all of your family to the same neighboorhood


Last Edited: August 16, 2008, 11:52 pm

I thought about this...I think is a phenomemal ideal, that's what i will have done...What would be the point of you having 100 million and each of your family lives in different state, a brother in this state a sister in this other state or this other city...I can't think of what a sad way to live...Why not have cousin, newphew, uncle all living in the same neighboorhood/subdivision and once a month you all gather by one of the family members and have Sunday barbecue with the entire family...Of course each member will have a big house...You set aside a couple of money and pay some money and have the cops watch the neighboorhood (of course a good neighboorhood)

Don't you all think so...

That's what i will have done if i win 100 million or 200 million...And what happen why don't we preach this to families as a GREAT AMERICAN VALUE...

How come no one has done it (and there have been 100 million dollar winners)...I think you live lonely, sad if every member lives separate...At least brothers and sisters should live together...I am not talking living next door even though that will be awesome but at least living on the next block..

i don't think no american family or big family lives in the same neighboorhood/subdivision...I don't think there is such a case in the world...

this way YOUR KIDS play with your sisters's kid in the same subdivision and your brothers's kids, etc and they go to the same school, etc...

I've heard of parents having 14 kids in their lifestime, but i've never heard of a big family living in the same area....

as little kids, what a way to grow up...

my question to you is if you was to win 100 or 200 million will you do it...

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JAP69Comment by JAP69 - August 17, 2008, 9:15 pm
In my case not likely.
They are great to visit but not as next door neighbors.

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