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Internet use cap


Our local consumer advocate Clark Howard, clarkhoward.com talked about this proposal on his call in radio shows.  Seems like poor infrastructure planning on their part.  Was told by a cable guy AT&T is considering same on DSL.

" Comcast to make monthly Internet use cap official

Thursday August 28, 6:21 pm ET 
Comcast to set official limit on Internet use to deter bandwidth hogs

NEW YORK (AP) -- Comcast Corp., the nation's second-largest Internet service provider, Thursday said it would set an official limit on the amount of data subscribers can download and upload each month.

On Oct. 1, the cable company will update its user agreement to say that users will be allowed 250 gigabytes of traffic per month, the company announced on its Web site.

Comcast has already reserved the right to cut off subscribers who use too much bandwidth each month, without specifying exactly what constitutes excessive use.

"We've listened to feedback from our customers who asked that we provide a specific threshold for data usage and this would help them understand the amount of usage that would qualify as excessive," the company said in a statement on its Web site.   ..............."

" .............. Comcast floated the idea of a 250 gigabyte cap in May and mentioned then that it might charge users $15 for every 10 gigabytes they go over, but the overage fee was missing in Thursday's announcement. ......."


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Rick GComment by Rick G - August 29, 2008, 10:14 am
I'm a Comcast subscriber so this caught my attention. The 250 gig cap is much higher than the average user needs, but to put it in perspective...what if several people in your household are heavy internet users? The 250 gigs is the equivalent of downloading 4-5 movies a day. While one individual may not use that bandwidth, a household might. As it is, Comcast rates are very high in my opinion. We pay more for internet usage than we do for electricity. That doesn't make sense to me.
konaneComment by konane - August 29, 2008, 10:27 am
Thanks Rick! I can't wait until they develop internet access via plugging your computer into a wall outlet. It's currently being tested in a few cities, believe Intel is one of the principals in its development.
four4meComment by four4me - August 29, 2008, 2:23 pm
i snatched this off of the INTERNET.

Comcast says sending 20,000 high-resolution photos or 40 million emails, Downloading 50,000 songs or watching 8,000 movie trailers would put you over the limit.

250GB does sound like a lot, but by my calcs, this would limit me to roughly 30 hours of (perfectly legal!) Instant Netflix viewing on my Roku box, which streams at around 2Mbps. Please someone correct me if my math is wrong on this.
250GB = 250,000Mb -> 250,000Mbp/(2Mb/s) = 125,000 sec = 34.7 hours!
time*treatComment by time*treat - August 29, 2008, 8:15 pm
Will they next regulate the sites you can visit without paying extra?
konaneComment by konane - August 30, 2008, 10:12 am
Thanks Four4me! Understanding there is a movement to officially combine internet with television. This seems like a preemptive move to capitalize on its usage.
konaneComment by konane - August 30, 2008, 10:13 am
Thanks Time*treat! Everyone's putting a meter on everything so why not that too.

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