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How about Bailout Country...The whole world needs it...


THIS IS AN IDEA I HAD DON'T know if it exist yet but it will be good...


I wasn't going to post this, but i thought about the movie Red Planet and how much people suffer in those Red Planets, which can be any country...Before i begin, have in mind that i don't know not a single thing about government or politics or law...

I am listening to the Mess the U.S is getting into and the financial markets how they are tumbling down...What does Federal Reserve means? Does Federal Reserve means that the government has a huge bank with money as reserves just if in case anything happens or is it called Federal Reserve because that's where the money is kept...For you to see that i don't know anything about government or politics...

Well to the countries i mentioned and the world and the U.S....Why doesn't the government have like a Emergency Tax that it collects from the people once a year and keeps it in a Reserve Bank just for the future for whenever there needs to be a bailout of a big company/merger etc or for whenever there is a deep recession...So that whenever a big company, specially if this company is huge to the economy then when the company files for chapter 11 (banckcruptcy) then it can be bailed out and the government helps it walk again...This will prevent periods of recession in a country...

I don't think countries have this tax or this Deep Recession Bank Reserve at the present moment...And it is very important because if the U.S sneezes or a great Power sneezes then the entire world catches a cold because of the way countries economies are intertwined... 

You may not like the idea but it is to mantain a healthy economy and keep people with jobs...Because what happens if this huge companies go down? Then i think unployment goes up....Also on another subject, i think insurance if in case you are out of a job that covers you for 6 months is too little, i feel they should cover you for 1 year...

If you are a country that does not have this, you need to have it...Please listen to me, despite that i don't know anything about politics, the economy or law...If you can iluminate me please do so because i don't know much about the subject..

To all the countries i mentioned, this is what you need....Does the U.S has this? Does the entire world has this?

Again i wasn't going to post this but i am posting it because i think it is of help..You can call this tax, Emergency Recession Tax....

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konaneComment by konane - September 19, 2008, 10:53 am
Better yet how about donations from the private sector to help things? Could begin with you ..... you win a bazillion dollar lottery and donate it all to implement your ideas.

four4meComment by four4me - September 19, 2008, 3:41 pm
Our government shouldn't be bailing out these banks that are going under but if they don't it would mean a collapse of our whole economic system.

Our government didn't force these banks to offer loans without checking work history of the people who asked for loans. These bank were giving loans to people without checking financial records. If you ask to borrow money and your debt to income ratio is to high they shouldn't have offered the loan. But they did to thousands of people possibly millions.

The saddest part about all this is, while the government has stepped in to fix this it will ultimately be the citizens who will pay for all the damage in higher (taxes.) = (federal reserve)

Want to know about the federal reserve copy and paste the link.
Link federal reserve bank


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