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What's In A Name?


WHAT'S in a name? There's a lot of political correctness surfacing all of a sudden. Oh nooooo, don't call it a "bailout".  Well that's EXACTLY what it was when presented by Paulson & Co.

On a 2 page "ransome note" he was essentially pleading to save Wall Street. With NO details, whatsoever, the rest of the country or economy didn't matter. "$700 BILLION!!  ALL UP FRONT!! (NO DYE PACKS,PLEASE)WITH NO OVERSIGHT!!  NO COURT CAN INTERVENE!!  OR IT'S CURTAINS FAH YA!!"

I can see Bush behind that curtain now, "Psssst, hey HANK...remember... THEY HAVE 24 HRS!!"  LOL


Hey Folks, it really IS serious. The BAILOUT PLAN is NOT a be all - end all. There won't be any overnight fixes. Did you read my special commentary in my previous entry? It's gonna be rough.

You should hear what they're saying about us overseas. What? You don't care?? Well I think that we better START caring - we can't do this alone. We'll STILL need major foreign investors. But since we have infected the whole world's economies, will they still be there?

Many things are based on the rapidly inflating US BUCK. I wonder...what would our govMINT be doing if this wasn't an election year? hmmmm?

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