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To Make this world equal: Scorpion Ring for women for battered wives


Last Edited: October 5, 2008, 11:04 pm

To Make this world equal: Scorpion Ring for women for battered wives and thieves: I got an idea, you see a ball point pen, how it works, you see the scorpion animal how it works and you see a hand ring....Why not mixed the 3 ideas and get a ring that women can wear for whenever they are fighting to paralyzed her/their oponent...You know to make things equal in a fight between man & a woman...They can always wear 2 ring in 1 hand and another in the other hand....You know this will surely make things equal...That idea that you have to hit the person in the balls, really we don't need it anymore...Then women will be like a scorpion...You know how easy it is to make ball pens, so why not create these rings....Specially for women who experience domestic violence....No you don't have to learn karate anymore....And you know through the decades and centuries this ring can always be perfected or can evolve.  It can be venom, something to put you to sleep or something that in a couple of minutes it will paralyze you for the moment...Just ONE ring is enough, imagine with 2 of them....And for women who experience harrasment...You know to make things equal between a man and a woman in a boxing ring....I got this idea from watching the national geographic channel...That pepper spread is old fashion....So why they haven't invented this ring yet for women...Up to this heights and that ring hasn't been invented yet...I am not talking about a ring that will cause you to die, but a ring that will make you collapse or put you to sleep for some hours....

Like how they say: "You may beat me up now but you are going down"....Uahhh, uahhhh, uuahhhh (mad scientist)....

maybe this will cause people to stop fighting...Or how about something like a ring that passes electricity, that when it contact or punch a person it passes a big volt to make a person collapase...Again at least they can make it into hollywood movies....If this ring is created and widely sold, they will be in movies...

you know to make it equal in a real fight between a man and a woman

specially when you know that during a fight the heart races faster and bloods it rushes fast throughout the body...Maybe they could use this in hollywood movies....

And i know you are thinking that this ring is going to look sharp, but it doesn't have to...It could look flat with the tiny end points of a ball point pen....I know they can build this ring....

Entry #217


Comment by pumpi76 - October 7, 2008, 1:21 pm
After the woman makes the person collapse, then she can tie him up to a wall cranck up the car and slam him with the car or ran him over with the car or pass the car's tires through the guy's ankle, get an ax chop up one of his legs, or get a knife cut off his penis, etc, etc you know to teach him a lesson....burry the guy alive, no that was a joke...What i am saying is she could beat him up....
Comment by pumpi76 - October 7, 2008, 1:21 pm
at least these things they could do in in hollywood....

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