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Pick6 very close pattern for tracking and for Powerball...


Last Edited: October 7, 2008, 9:03 pm

This is the closest thing i've gotten, if you have ideas on how to get closer then i'll be glad if you post them...

I got this idea from visiting a lottery website that promises to make you win in pick3...They weren't mentioning this, i was the one who thought about it, all i got from them is to use a Pick3 wheel 5 numbers...

The whole idea is based on using a Pick3 wheeling 5 numbers...Which i was told comes out to 10 dollars...

If you select a pick3 drawings sample like how i did you will notice that using 5 number wheel for Pick3, you will find that there are 7 combos if you divide them into even and odd, high and low...These are the following numbers high and low even and odd: using 0 as 10....





You will notice that there are 7 combos like how i mention on a pick3 game...There are actually i think 9 or 10 combos but most of the time 27 drawings out of 30 drawings have these 7 combos...

They are: 

1OH  2EL meaning 1 odd high number with 2 even low numbers example: 924, 744

1EH   2OL meaning 1 even high number with 2 odd low numbers example: 501, 633, 615

2OH   1EL meaning 2 odd high numbers with 1 even low number example: 972, 994, 727

2EH   1OL meaning 2 even high numbers with 1 odd low number example: 861, 306


1EH   1OL   1EL meaning 1 even high number with 1 odd low number with 1 even low number:

example: 184, 032 

1OH    1EH    1OL meaning 1 odd high number with 1 even high number with 1 odd low number:

 Example: 396

1OH     1EH   1EL meaning 1 odd high number with 1 even high number with 1 even low number:

example: 982, 784


But remember this is using a pick3 wheel wheeling 5 numbers which i've been told produces 10 possible combinations...This is the important part...Remember when i told you on my previous blogs that you could think of pick6 as 2 pick3 if you pay attention to the ending digits only...Well the pick6 combos most of the time are different, they are not the same, so you beging to TRACK THEM, every pick6 drawing and see when one combo plays with another and so on...Remember each combo has 10 possible combinations that it can be played with...All you have to do is see what played previously and weed out the ones that have played already and use the others that haven't...For example out of the 10 possible combination that come out of that wheel 5, if out of that 10 combinations you are able to see that 5 combinations have played previously in the two pick3 of the pick6, then that will leave you with 5 combinations to match up with the other combo and if in the other combo you are able to weed out 5 combinations that will leave you with 5 on one end of the pick3 and 5 combinations on the other end of the pick3...If you can narrow down the combinations to 2 on each pick3 combo then that will leave you with 2 combinations on each side to match with....Then once you get the right pick3 on each side your job is to get them straight...

After you get them straight, then you can begin to deduce...You must also match the right combos which with good tracking can be done...Remember they are only 7 combos and 2 of them are selected and 1 combo most of the time does not match with the same combo but instead with different ones...Not only that but with good tracking you will notice a pattern in the match ups of combos, how they pair up....If you want to go ahead and use the 9 combos or 10 combos instead of the 7 is O.K as long as you know what you are doing...The hardest part will be that once you have the 2 pick3 together combination the hard part will be to arrange it in the straight way and not the box way...And all this tracking can be done very good with custom-made algorithms or search algorithms in a computer or semi-supercomputer...Remember in all of this you use a Pick3, 5 number wheel...YOu can also use a Pick3, 6 number wheel (because sometimes it will come out to 6 numbers and not 5)....And you can also use a Pick3, 4 number wheel (because sometimes it will come out to be 4 numbers and not 5)...It all depends...

You could also view MegaMillions & Powerball as a "Pick3/0-9 + Pick2/0-9 + Megaball....

If you forgot what i meant by deducing here it is a reminder...:

Suppose the winning numbers for Texas were (15-20-37-38-39-43)....Now suppose you do get someone that submitts the numbers 5-0-7 and someone that submitts the numbers 8-9-3 the ending digits... 
and you pair them up and you get 5-0-7-8-9-3 the ending digits of Texas winning numbers....All you have to do is deduce (it will be nice if you had a custom made software for this) but again all you have to do is deduce....
so let's take 5-0-7-8-9-3 deducing the numbers you can possibly get are (remember you treat 10 as "zero" (0):
5-10-17-38-39-43    3/6 = 5 dollars
5-10-27-38-39-43    3/6 = 5 dollars
5-20-37-38-39-43   5/6 = 2,800 dollars - 5,000 dollars
5-20-37-38-39-53   4/6 = 57 dollars - 70 dollars
5-20-27-38-39-53    3/6 = 5 dollars
the following round:But before you continue you should know that combinations that beging with 14 + are very rare combinations they rarely play so you can eliminate them from your repertau....
15-20-37-38-49-53  4/6 = 57 dollars to 70 dollars
15-20-37-38-39-43  (BINGO = JACKPOT)
15-20-37-38-39-53  5/6 = 2,800 dollars to 5,000 dollars
15-30-37-38-39-43   5/6 = 2,800 dollars - 5,000 dollars
15-30-37-38-39-53    4/6 = 57 dollars to 70 dollars
15-30-37-38-49-53     3/6 = 5 dollars
Not only that but the numbers you deduce you can put constraints on them...Constraints by SUMS (Sum totals), Even over odds (E/O), is up to you....This particular combination happens to start with 15...
For the deducing it will be better if you get yourself a custom-made software to do it for you....
This is better than going BLINDLY at the 26 million combinations a pick6/49 has or at the 175 million combinations MegaMillions and Powerball have...
This is a step closer in winning Powerball, MegaMIllions & PIck6...Is also a step closer in winning Pick5....
I just realize something...This is the closest thing you will have in hitting Pick5....Pick5 is one of the hardest games...NOTHING at the present moment comes close to hitting Pick5 like this system/pattern...So if you want to win pick5 you will have to do some tracking..YOu will have to view Pick5 as a Pick3/0-9 + Pick2/0-9
And for the games that are Pick4 + bonus balls, you will have to view them as Pick3/0-9 + pick1/0-9 + bonus/mega number by their ending digits and then you will have to deduce...This is the closest thing to hitting pick5....It will be perfect for tracking prediction games...Because if you go with wheels you are going to collide youself with the wall...When you are tracking pick5 remember 1 combo plays 1 time and many a times it doesn't repeat on the following drawing, it may repeat 3, 4 or 5 days later...That makes it 6 combos you have to choose from and not 7...And remember on pick5 the deducing will come out to be like LESS THAN 15 combinations and not less than 25 like Pick6...Remember the hardest part is getting the ending digits straight and not boxed...And remember on the less than 15 combinations for Pick5 you can always add restraints/constraints, constraints like odd/even, sums...For example if you select the most common ratio of EVEN/ODDS of the previous drawings for those 15 or less deduced combinations it will come out to a total of 3 or 4 combinations maybe less giving you a chance to play more combinations from the Pick3, 6, 5, or 4 wheels ending digits....And that's just the even/odd ratio, imagine now the sums and other patterns you may want to add...Remember they are first ending digits, and then after you deduce them they become combinations....Remember is 15 deduced combinations or less for Pick5, it could be 10, who knows...
And i've realized that the latest way to win the lottery, specially pick5, pick6, Powerball, Megamillions, CaSuper Lotto Plus, Pick3 is not through wheels but instead through algorithms, search algorithms based on certain patterns/systems (the ones i've mentioned and innovative patterns/systems) and custom made softwares and specially more if you had it implemented on a supercomputer or semi-supercomputer....Unless of course you had an illegal wheel that we all don't know about...
So what am i saying, that better to win the lottery is through prediction websites using this technologies than through wheels...
Want to know something, these same 7 combos can and must be used with the Sum total patterns for Pick3 to hit pick3, but once you are sure a number is coming for the following day you must bet 10 or 20 dollars, this way you will come out ahead and perhaps is the only way to beat pick3...But that will be another blog...For pick4 you must tackled it differently....
Remember deducing for Powerball and Megamillions & CaSuper Lotto Plus it will come out to something like less than 18 combinations if you eliminate the combinations that start with 15+ by that i mean combinations whose first number start with 14, or 15 and above....
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