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I have strted using the Ks P3 numbers for October using the -/+ method. Using the numbers in the 088 rundown the third set of numbers 311 made the nxt day's hit 10/02/08 377 I am still using the 088 rundown to see if any of the other numbers will hit the 377 None of the other numbers were able to hit 377.

Now I will do the 377 rundown. The 408 didn't hit even tho I had 2 of the numbers using 711

Now for the 10/03/08 RD of 408 Using the front & back pair of 842 in the -/+ method 214 hit on 10/04/08 842 was the 5 down counting 408 as the first umber

I just looked at the program and just on the unique numbers there were 20 and they get higher when I click on the other 2 sets.

Using 214 as the next victim I will see if it will work for 915. Counting down 8 from 214 the pairs from 981 hit for the 915 on 10/05/08

Now for the 915 RD. Trying for the 674. Before using any of the numbers in the rundown I counted down 5 from the top of the 915 RD. The number I used was the 359 front and back pairs and I hit the 674 right off the bat. Going to see what happens when I use the 5th number down from the 674 RD

Another fast hit. Using the pairs of 785 the 2nd number down was hit for 518

980 didn't hit even when I used all the numbers. But i am coming to the end of the numbers. I will try and do this experiment with tonight;s drawing but I will use only the unique numbers since it has the least about of numbers sometimes.

980.839 and 576 are the last 3 I will use. Iwill have to use 576 to see if i can hit tonite's (Saturday) Back to playing

No hit for 839 using all the pairs in RD of 980 Now to see using the rundown of 839 to see if it will hit the 576 . 576 was a hit using the last front & back pairs of 728 from the 839 rundown.

I am only blogging this to make notes to myself

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