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Fair Tax Explanation 3 videos


Last Edited: October 18, 2008, 9:01 am

"The FairTax replaces all federal taxes paid by you and by businesses. No income tax. No capital gains taxes. No death tax. No Social Security tax. No alternative minimum tax. All gone. The elimination of these taxes will remove these tax components from the price of everything you buy." Surely, ......you will understand that all of the taxes paid by all of the people who are responsible for bringing a loaf of bread, a movie theatre ticket or a gallon of gasoline to the marketplace are passed down the line and paid by the final consumer of that item. Think about this ... where ELSE would the money to pay those taxes come from? There is no other way to generate the income necessary to pay these taxes OTHER than to include them in the final price of everything sold in our economy. So, how much is this tax component? About 22%. The taxes included in some consumer items are higher, lower in others, but the average is about 22%. When this 22% tax component comes OUT of the price of everything you buy, it is REPLACED by the 23% FairTax. So, THE TRUTH is that the FairTax does not "add 23% to the cost of everything you buy." It replaces the 22% average tax component included in the cost of everything you buy with a 23% sales tax.

There's so much more to this, and you can get the details from Americans for Fair Taxation, Congressman John Linder's website, or by heading to your bookstore and buying a copy of The FairTax book. Promise ... those of you who were initially frightened by this DSCC lying attack on the FairTax will come away supporters if you educate yourselves." 



What is the Pre-Bate
Taxing Wealth
Gallup Poll data with graphs.

"Americans Oppose Income Redistribution to Fix Economy



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