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Re: "Hidden Hypnosis Techniques Of Obama"


Last Edited: October 24, 2008, 10:24 am

TigerAngel had an absolutely brilliant post this morning "

"Hidden Hypnosis Techniques Of Obama" 



His article has a PDF link explaining mechanisms of hypnosis which I've excerpted below, linked to PDF .... these did not copy in correct paragraph format.

As I commented on TigerAngel's blog I've been hypnotized many times by a licensed professional highly respected hypnotherapist so have a working background over several years as to how hypnosis is ethically brought about with consent of the person being hypnotized.     

Hypnosis like meditation has 4 stages beginning with light trance/meditation such as daydreaming all the way down to a "deep sleep" level while maintaining full awareness of everything taking place.  Going through those stages is like gently turning a dial where you do deeper and deeper within yourself. 

Before every session any ethical hypnotherapist will tell you that you will not accept any suggestion which doesn't ring true within yourself and that you can bring yourself out of hypnosis any time you desire by simply waking up because you are in complete control.  That's the ethical way.

What is described in this PDF is more sinister, it is criminal because it is being done without specific consent.   



"An Examination of Obama’s Use of Hidden Hypnosis

Techniques in His Speeches

Barack Obama’s speeches contain the hypnosis techniques of Dr. Milton Erickson, M.D. who developed a

form of “conversational” hypnosis that could be hidden in seemingly normal speech and used on patients

without their knowledge for therapy purposes. Obama’s speeches intentionally contain:

- Trance Inductions

- Hypnotic Anchoring

- Pacing and Leading

- Pacing, Distraction and Utilization

- Critical Factor Bypass

- Stacking Language Patterns

- Preprogrammed Response Adaptation

- Linking Statements/ Causality Bridges

- Secondary Hidden Meanings/Imbedded Suggestions

- Emotion Transfer

- Non-Dominant Hemisphere Programming

Real “hypnosis” explained
Most people are hypnotized and fall into trance every day of their lives.2  It is a common, every day
occurrence, whether for a brief second, or minutes or longer.  A very basic example is when you are driving
a car while in deep thought, and you suddenly realize you are much further along with no memory of
driving the whole distance.  Another example, is when you are on an elevator watching the numbers change
and go into trance, and when everyone else gets off, you take that as a nonverbal suggestion to get off,
before you “wake up” and realize it is not your floor.  This elevator example is an example of mass
hypnosis, where the close rapport with the hypnotist is not necessary, because many people are both
hypnotized partly by whatever is causing the trance, and partly by the fact that you are being “paced” or also
hypnotized by everyone else in the elevator doing the exact same thing as you.  The reason you cry from
reading sad book simply by reading ink on paper is because of the mind’s interaction with that information,
which is also a hypnotic process.3 

Two separate definitions of “hypnosis”:
1.  First, hypnosis, is “a particular altered state of hyper-suggestibility brought about in an individual by a
combination of relaxation, fixation of attention, and suggestion.”4
2.  Second, hypnosis is also “bypassing the ‘critical factor’ and setting up acceptable selective thinking.5” 
The “critical factor” is the conscious part of the brain that you think with that has the ability to make rational logical judgments about what information is received.6  The critical factor acts as a filter, determining what can pass into the subconscious mind which is a non-rational computer-like system which accepts everything
in it as absolute truth.7  That is why sidelining it is so dangerous.
Milton Erickson, had a broader definition of the unconscious mind, described as, “both the functioning of
the dominant hemisphere of the brain that occurs below the level of awareness, as well as the functioning of
the non-dominant hemisphere.” 8   
Ericksonian trance induction has three dimensions which we will return to often and compare to Obama’s
language patterns.  They are:9
1.  Pacing and distraction of the dominant (language) hemisphere;
2.  Utilization of the dominant hemisphere, language processing which occurs below the level of
3.  Accessing of the non-dominant hemisphere; 
This above three part process is extremely important to later analysis.  Essentially, hypnosis is an altered
and common state of mind involving intense focus, sidelining or disassociation of the rational critical
thinking, and the state of hyper-suggestibility brought about while the subconscious mind is the dominant
player.10  It happens while reading, listening to music, and even while hearing a great speaker.11
However, the power of such methods is what is difficult to grasp.  What we are talking about is
“transformational linguistics” – language that literally changes who you are at your deepest levels, your
deepest passions, drives, and emotions while you are completely unaware.   
Under Freud, there is the conscious mind that you think with, called the “ego.”  You also have a conscience,
called the “super-ego.”  Then, there is the largest part of the psyche, the id, which is the back-end of all our
memory, our most basic instincts and drives, emotions, and suppressed desires.12   “The unconscious mind is
the source of our energy, and no amount of conscious reasoning can override it.  The unconscious mind is
un-critical, it accepts as absolute truth any idea that is allowed to enter its computer-like system”13  The
messages of hypnosis, including mass hypnosis, can be far more powerful than just someone’s conscious
thoughts, as it affects their most basic biological drives and instincts.14  That is why many of Obama’s
followers are so passionate for him, why they are fainting in his presence, comparing him to Jesus, and
supporting him like no other candidate before.
 Bypassing the dominant hemisphere’s rational judgment (“critical factor”)
The critical factor is the part of the mind that logically analyzes and scrutinizes all information like a filter,
and decides what information is allowed to pass into your subconscious mind and become part of what your
mind accepts as unquestionably true, like your deepest and most powerful emotions, drives, and instincts.21 
It is the primary cognitive defense that usually stops all information and rationally analyzes it, whether
consciously or unconsciously.  It keeps your computer-like subconscious mind from literally believing that
you are a chicken when someone calls you a “chicken”, and keeps you from literally believing that you are a
square (box) when somebody calls you a “square”, and keeps you from literally believing you are a (snow
or cereal) flake when somebody calls you a “flake.”  you don’t consciously ponder it when someone calls
you a chicken, your critical fator stops that information below the level of awareness.     
The critical factor is the cognitive function best analogized to a security guard (critical factor) who searches
every person (information) entering into a nightclub looking for weapons. (and stops all information that is
questionable)22  The critical factor stops all information and allows your thinking and rationality to
determine whether it is acceptable to the subconscious mind or not.   
Hypnosis uses language patterns, visual tricks, body language, voice, tone, an Hypnosis uses language patterns, visual tricks, body language, voice, tone, and other aspects of
communication to get “suggestions” past the critical factor part of the brain and directly into the listener’s
subconscious.23  This is wonderful if the command is to be free of a phobia, or quit smoking.  The reason
hypnosis is used for such psychological change, is that the critical factor allows in only what it accepts as
true.  Without bypassing the smoker’s critical factor, a smoker has a difficult time quitting because they
have a difficult time accepting as absolutely true the information that they are a nonsmoker, because their
critical factor and conscious mind knows differently and doesn’t let the information through.
How one might simplify this point, is, in normal everyday life, calling someone a “chicken” will not cause
them to literally believe they are a chicken and act like one.  This is because the critical factor stops this
information from passing into the subconscious.  So how can a hypnotist get a subject to cluck like a
chicken believing they are one?  The hypnotist knows how to get the hypnotic suggestion that the subject is
a chicken past the critical factor part of the consciousness, and get the subconscious mind to accept it as
unquestionably true. Obama’s actions are far more deceptive than simply lying
If used by a politician and discovered, such hypnosis technique, if understood as it should be, to be the
height of manipulation and deception, would destroy a politician’s career.24  There is no other way to view
such a politician other than disturbingly and disqualifyingly deceptive, someone whom we apparently know
very little about, and cannot trust, who has been continually hiding something from us and manipulating us. 
To see a politician continue to perform a multitude of hundreds of deceptive acts, which he knows about but
we are meant not to know about, that affect our judgment and mental processes, and that manipulate us in
ways we are not even aware of, all the while thinking he is clever enough to get away with it until he finally
gets caught, is the height of immoral deception.  It is perhaps the biggest fraud and deception in American
Most of our beliefs come to us from our own rational judgment and conscious analysis of the world.  For
example, we know it good to wake up in the morning and do something because we rationally know the
consequences of staying in bed all day.  When we like people, it is usually due to a combination of our
rational judgment and how that person naturally makes us feel about them.  We try to make people like us
more by following social norms, making people feel good, smiling, and so on.
However, a very small percentage of the population actually study subconscious manipulation of not only
how people feel about them, but how to manipulate and alter the beliefs we usually come to by our rational
judgment, reason, and experience.  These people study specifically how to sideline this rational judgment,
reason, and experience, and natural feelings, and bend people’s feelings and will through the application of
this branch of psychiatry to their interactions.   
Obama is an expert at this type of artificial manipulation.  His ability to convince rationally and any natural
“charm” is only part of how a person feels about Obama.  The rest is deceptive subconscious manipulation.   
His tactics are deceptive because he has mastered the science and art of lowering the effects of the rational
scrutiny parts of the mind through his speaking, actions, and presentation.  He gets you to believe not by
convincing you rationally until you decide to believe it, but by knowing how to say to your subconscious
mind literally the words that “you believe” in a way that your subconscious mind will simply accept the
message and believe without having rationally decided to believe.  He knows how to say to your
subconscious mind that it “chose” (Obama) even when it hasn’t, in a way that you will believe that you have
chosen.  He understands subconscious manipulation enough to know how to talk about families, and your
children, and John F. Kennedy, and conjure up feelings within you from speaking in certain rhythmic and
unnaturally slow tempos,  and then subconsciously transfer the emotions he conjures up onto him, such as
with hand gestures or hidden content in language.  You genuinely walk away from him feeling warm, and
viewing him as a JFK, except it is artificial.  He knows how to say one thing, but have your subconscious
mind ultra-powerfully receive a different message and feeling than you are aware of.  He is actually
implanting feelings and emotions into your subconscious.  They feel like your own.  Rationally he is an
unaccomplished man with shady connections, but you are tricked into feelings about him that overpower those, that feel like your genuine feelings about him because they come from inside you, implanted into the
deepest parts of your psyche.     
Obama’s deception here is not simply a few subliminal messages like those used in some advertisements. 
Obama is employing with art and skill a complex hidden system applying a multitude of the most advanced
techniques in subconscious manipulation known to psychology.  This entire system is designed to do one
thing - to make us feel like the decision to support Obama is our own when it is really, at least for many,
implanted artificially through hypnosis.   
What Obama is doing is in effect the same as if he dangled a silver watch in front of us and said “you are
getting sleepy and going into trance....you have an unstoppable urge that you cannot resist.....you must vote
for Barack.”  In fact, as discussed below, Obama was actually caught at least once saying something very
similar with his own lips.  Yes, Obama was caught giving an overt hypnotic command to vote for him.25 
People even made fun of it, but nobody realized it was actual intentional hypnosis until it is now explained. 
(see below)
Hypnotizing someone without their knowledge is the height of immorality.  The level of deception involved
here, in Obama’s use of covert hypnosis, and his presumption that he has the right to use hypnosis on us to
gain votes is just unconscionable.  If a stranger came up to you in a restaurant and tried to hypnotize you to
get you to do anything, even so much as buy them a cup of coffee, and you figured out that they were trying
to use actual hypnosis on you, you would run.   
If Obama simply lied, we voters would be able to use our rational judgment to make a logical decision about
what is the truth, and what we should believe, and what we shouldn’t.  However, because he is implanting
subconscious commands we are not aware of consciously, into the deepest parts of our emotional and
subconscious psyches, he is actually taking away our ability to make those rational judgments.  He is
making the decision to and taking away even our ability to question the commands he is hypnotizing us
with.  We never even know the commands are being implanted (until now with this document), and we are
tricked into believing that our feelings are coming from deep inside us.  Obama’s concealment of his
hypnotic techniques can only be looked at as deception.26   

The study of the effects of mass hypnosis
A widely held view among psychologists and experts is that conversational hypnosis is literally a form of
mind control.  One author says:
“Essentially conversational hypnosis allow users to gain control of their subjects mind through
spoken word, and literally get them to do as they wish - within reason of course. Essentially the
English language has various emotional triggers and tone's which can be utilised to induce people
into a trance. When people are in such a trance it is possible to alter their views and control their

Some video examples of the power of hypnosis are included in the footnotes.29  However, this particular one
at this footnote at the end of this sentence of hypnotist Derren Brown is amazing, and very exemplary of
how conversational hypnosis works, and is highly recommended for a quick understanding.30  To give you
an idea of the power of hypnosis in the wrong hands, hypnosis can be used to get a complete stranger to
hand over a wallet in seconds.31  MSNBC32 and BBC33 reports a man stealing from stores and banks using

One book that studied mass hypnosis called Rape of the Mind was written by Joost A. M. Meerloo, M.D.,
Instructor in Psychiatry, Columbia University Lecturer in Social Psychology, New School for Social
Research, Former Chief, Psychological Department, Netherlands Forces.  It examines the dangers of mass
An except of the book discusses what a hypnotist could get a subject to do through hypnotic commands,

Chapter 3 – Hypnotism and Mental Coercion: There are many quacks who practice hypnosis, not to cure their victims but to force them into
submission, using the victim's unconscious ties and dependency needs in a criminal, profitable way.
One of the most absorbing aspects of this whole problem of hypnosis is the question of whether
people can be forced to commit crimes, such as murder or treason, while under a hypnotic spell.
Many psychologists would deny that such a thing could happen and would insist that no person can
be compelled to do under hypnosis what he would refuse to do in a state of alert consciousness.
actually what a person can be compelled to do depends on the degree of dependency that hypnosis
causes and the frequency of repetition of the so-called posthypnotic suggestions.35

Rape of the Mind discusses psychological conditioning from World War II Nazi tactics, to Soviet Cold-War
theoreticians, to our own democracy.  (See Chapter 2 – Mass Conditioning Through Speech, and Political
Conditioning.36  The Book also discusses the dangers of the real phenomenon of mass hypnosis:

Illegality of Obama’s use of hypnosis

Hypnosis-type mental pressure has been held by the Supreme Court of the United States to be so unduly
influential as to deprive someone of their fundamental rights.
  The US Supreme court case was Leyra v.
Denno, 347 U.S. 556 (1954), Leyra v. Denno, No. 635, Argued April 28, 1954, Decided June 1, 1954, 347
U.S. 556.  After police questioned a suspect day and night unable to obtain a confession, a hypnotist tried,
and did successfully get the suspect to confess.  The legal battles over whether the confession was voluntary
or not, undue influence or not, went all the way to the Supreme court of the United States, which decided
that his confession could not be used as evidence against him in court.  In discussing what the New York Court of Appeals held, that “were so clearly the product of ‘mental coercion’ that their use as evidence was
inconsistent with due process of law”, the United States Supreme Court said “exhausted suspect's ability to
resist interrogation was broken to almost trance-like submission by use of the arts of a highly skilled
psychiatrist.”  It violated the most fundamental rights of the suspect to have this confession used, because it
was not of his own free will. 

Hypnosis on a non-consenting person may arguably constitute fraud38, undue influence, and/or potentially
other violations of the law, depending on the jurisdiction.39  Undue influence is “persuasion that overcomes
the will without convincing the judgment.”40  Hypnosis works on mental and emotional weaknesses fitting
the legal definition precisely.
  For example, with hypnotizing someone to get access to that person’s bank
account – even the hypnotist makes the person believe they want to do it, they are using techniques which
create an undue influence on the person. 

The Executive Committee of the American Psychological Association Division of Psychological Hypnosis
has said, “clinical hypnosis should be used only by properly trained and credentialed health care
professionals (e.g. licensed clinical psychologists), who have also been trained in the clinical use of
hypnosis and are working within the areas of their professional expertise.”  The Appellate Division of the
Los Angeles County Superior Court has held that practice of hypnotism as curative measure or mode of
procedure by one not licensed to practice medicine amounts to unlawful practice of medicine.41   

What Obama is doing is making some people’s support of him in this election not of our own free will.  He
us using hidden techniques so we cannot even question the commands he is slipping into our subconscious. 
Many genuinely want to support him like smokers want a cigarette, and as smokers, we find the logic to
justify how we feel.

 The hypnosis technique of “pacing and leading” to sideline rational judgment ..............."


Entry #915


TigerAngelComment by TigerAngel - October 24, 2008, 2:05 pm
Aaah. . .another Columbia University conection with Dr. Meerloo. I wonder if the good Dr. decided for the greater good to become Obamas speech writer?
Thanks for expanding the topic here Konane. This also explain's one Psychologist's explaination of Obama's speech as "complex"; it's deliberate manipulation with mass hypnotic techniques.
konaneComment by konane - October 24, 2008, 2:47 pm
Thanks for all your posts about what you're digging up!!!!!

Mass manipulation via hypnosis along with "Strategy of Manufactured Crisis" finally give names and formal definition to trends, patterns I've sensed strongly beginning in the early 90's.   

When someone can't specifically give definition to a behind the scenes pattern it's sloughed off as a conspiracy theory.

These deliberately orchestrated events have formal names, are no longer hidden ........ and no longer conspiracy theory.

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