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Only 1,100 people showed in Tampa to hear McCain


TAMPA, Florida (CNN) – Barack Obama may lead JohnMcCain by just 2 points in the latest CNN Florida poll of polls, butthe enthusiasm gap appears a bit wider.

John McCain’s first rally of the day, in Tampa outside Raymond JamesStadium, only drew about 1,100 people. Local reporters noting that atalmost the same spot just before the 2004 election, President Bush drewabout 15,000 people. Two weeks ago, Obama drew an estimated 8,000.

Republican Gov. Crist, who had previously agreed to do interviewswith CNN and various local affiliates, bolted right after the rallywith no explanation.

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TenajComment by Tenaj - November 3, 2008, 12:50 pm
Florida have been crapped on too many times. One poster (R-Howard) said it best from CNNpolitics.com forum.

"We are showing you the Door John. Please be a polite, Good Guest and leave quitely. No fanfare, No trumpets Blaring, no flights of Pigeons. The end of Hate,Open Racism,Lies,Hate Mongering,Wars that Kill Our Brave Women and Men, is FOREVER OVER. We,The Best of this country,the Best of ourselves, have spoken as one. Goodbye john. Enjoy your Grand children, bask in the warm glow of being a war Hero and the service you've given this country but mostly John,and I say this with ALL DUE RESPECT, GOODBYE John, thank you sir but Goodbye."
NBey6Comment by NBey6 - November 3, 2008, 1:21 pm
Wow!! Talk about wearing out your welcome. LOL!!!!
Comment by scorpio - November 3, 2008, 2:27 pm
1100 idiots.it must be education,yeah that's it,everyone sees the correct path now,no more hoodwinking by bush policies!

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