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Read want Snopes got to say about Obama's Citizenship



This smear was part of an email smear months and months ago.  Read about the Supreme Court thing here.  It's been thrown out once.  Waste of taxpayers' money.  Don't be ignorant of the law.  This remind me of the "losers" who are trying to steal stop the Lottery here in NC with Supreme Court Lawsuits.

By the way Snopes lists it as FALSE.

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justxploringComment by justxploring - November 6, 2008, 4:25 pm
I'm no expert on U.S. Intelligence, but it's odd that this was never investigated or questioned in the past, yet he served as a state senator for 8 years and has served in the U.S. Senate for almost 4. It would also make our government agencies look very inefficient too, since faking your birth certificate might possibly be considered an act of terrorism or, at the very least, be a criminal offense. Honestly, if he was not legally eligible, does anyone believe the GOP wouldn't have challenged this?

I think the rumor he is a Muslim is even more ridiculous. I've known people of the Muslim faith, and they don't attend services at Christian churches. Still, as Colin Powell pointed out so eloquently, Muslim Americans have died for our country. Anyone who hasn't seen the photo in the New Yorker to which he referred should take a long, hard look at it. Here is a link. Tell me it doesn't break your heart.


Imagine if this brave young man, Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan, who gave his life for our freedom, had been blessed to come back alive and had later run for President. Why would that be different from another war hero named McCain?

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