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The comment someone made on the last entry here got me digging around in old Dave Van Ronk tapes... had to hear this song one more time:

Losers, probably written by DVR

I lost my wad playing seven-card stud
I was playing for money, they were playing for blood
But on his way back home the big winner got mugged,
Now he’s just another loser like me.

Loser, loser
I got took for my hooser
That sharp got crowned
He’s rehab bound
He’s just another loser
Like me

See that kid sitting back of the bar
He’s picking up a storm on a Martin guitar
That poor fool  thinks he’s a’gonna be a star
He’s just another loser like me

Losers, losers
Some are rikers,
Some are bluesers
Making disco sounds
In a Hochoo lounge
With a bunch of other losers
Like me

Love has busted up this cat for sure
He’s crying like a baby in his baby’s door
Poor fool doesn’t know what he’s crying for
He’s just another loser
Like me

Losers, losers
Can’t stay no seclusers
When she says when
He’ll be back again
He’s just another loser like me

There’s a hobo up in Heaven on the golden street
He’ll panhandle every angel he can meet
He’ll hock his harp for some sneaky pete
He’s just another loser like me.

Losers, losers
Some are dopers, some are boozers
But the Muscatel is down in hell
He's just another loser like me.

When God  appeared to Saint John Wayne
And told him,  Duke, I’m coming again
Life is just a wagon train
I’m glad you’re not a loser like me

Losers, losers
Ten-gallon bruisers
Them Ghengis cats
Are so full of brush mats
They’re just a bunch of losers
Like me.


Entry #68


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