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Crossed Rifles


In May of 1970 I was recruited in the Marines. In July of 1970 I was booted out of the Marines. I look at like this now that I am out. went in as a General ( general screw up) and came out as a PFC (Proud F (u know the word)Civilian)

It wasn'st all fun and games. I tried but probably not as hard as would have liked me to. I think the 2nd or 3rd day I was there I told the Sgt "Sir! I don't think I can make the Marines, sir! " I may not have said it like that bur we had to use Sir att he beginning of a sentence and end it with sir!

Not being a smart person the Sgts in charge asked me if I liked to read or something like that. Anyway they gave me a small book that was one of those shock novelties. I opened it up and not being smart enough to drop it after the shock went trough me the staff was saying " I think we need to put new batteries in it" Sir! No, sir! That was just an ad lib.

There was some seriousness while i was there. Another recruit was picking on me for no reason and the Sgt in chatge that day took him back to the barracks and gave him a talking to. A loud one.

I was also taking a shower  with others and for some reason I forget now my eye stopped a fist. I was called to the duty hut and the Sgt asked me who did it. I didn't want to tell but they finally got it out of me. Maybe it was a good thing I got out of their Marine Corps

Back then they could lay hands (not for healing) on you.

I was bounced off the duty huts lockers a few times.

i was wacked on the back rather hard by a Sgt for saying something apparently he didn't like to another recruit

I am 57 years old so what i am writingabout is what i can remember. 38 years ago is a long time.

Now I remember one time when we were on the PT (Physical Training) court I was lifting weights. I don't remember how much I was lifting but it must have been a little to heavy coz I as I was coming down with it I ht myelsf in the head. The Sgt asked me where did it hit. Not being smart enough I showed him it hit the bench right on the corner. "I mean where did it hit you?" Oh. (another ad lib)

another time we had to jump over some logs. I don't remember how high they were but being smat enough I went under them!

Once I was to scared to go out to the head(bathroom) i pissed in my boot. Unfortunaely, I had forgotten I did that. In the morning I put on a wet boot.

I got to see California but didn't get to visit Mickey or Minnie. My Disneyland was the MCRD in San Diego

I got an Honorable Discharge. 

If I remember anything else and I just have I will tell it.

We were all on what they called the parade deck practicing rifle drill. I screwed up somewhere and this time it was a Corporal who I pissed off. Maybe a sgt. Whoever it was they made me put my fifle in my shirt pocket, Barrel down. I thought it was funny but couldn't laugh.

I was in two plattons. I was dropped out of the first one a week before we were to go to the rifle range. Then I joined another platoon that was going to the rifle range about 2 weeks after the first platoon. That's when a Sgt told me "Harrell, I am going to see if I can get you out of my Marine Corps." He did. Somebody said, we'll see you. I said i hope you don't.

After that i went what was known as Casco (Casualty Company.

While there some big dude was in charge and put me on guard duty almost every night. I think I got one night off.

When I was on guard duty one night another Sgt came to the barracks. He ws drunk. I couldn't let him by so I had to yell Corporal of the guard! Corporal of the guard! Finally the C O G came out. The Drunken sgt wanted to take on the C O G but i think he was able to get him strighten out after the MPs (No MP doesn't stand for Mashed Potatoes)

Now the Marines will make you or break you. I rememer one time a redruit was really broken and all the D I's enjoyed seeing his breakdown. All they had to say was "<snip>roaches were crawling on you." And he would go in a frenzy waving his arms all over rying to get the roaches off him.

I finally got on the plane and was on my way home. As sson as i got home i went to bed. The next day when I woke up my step dad asked "Got a job yet?" Welcome home

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