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CMS warns staff about online content
11/19/2008 10:12 AM
By: News 14 Carolina Web Staff


Some of the content, like this, resulted in teachers getting disciplined.
CHARLOTTE -- CMS leaders want teachers to use caution when they post messages and photos on social networking sites like Facebook.com


Officials have sent a memo to all employees, warning them that the material on those sites is public, and could possible get them fired. This comes after Charlotte news network WCNC discovered that several teachers had posted inappropriate comments and photos on Facebook.com.

Some of the comments included, “I hate my students,” and “I work in the ghetto of Charlotte.” One teacher was suspended with pay and could be fired. Four others are also being disciplined.

In the memo, CMS made it clear that “employees should use good judgement … and not post items that would diminish their professionalism or discredit their ability to maintain the respect of students.”

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NBey6Comment by NBey6 - November 19, 2008, 4:21 pm
I would fire any teacher caught doing this, with a quickness!!!!!!

ICNUMBERSComment by ICNUMBERS - November 19, 2008, 10:12 pm
This is why teachers should be thoroughly evaluated even after getting hired with those questioneers that ask you the same question but in a different way at least 3times eventually after a couple of semesters it will be hard to tell the truth and they will probably quit b4 they get fired. It takes a great individual to be able to teach in the ghetto and I wouldn't recommend it to no1 who hasn't lived there nor doesn't know what those kids and their families come up against day in and day out. The key is 4 some1 to go to work with less stress bcuz w/2 much stress you can't get blessed bcuz your always thinking heinous thoughts which usually if acted out you get caught and the rest of your life you'll be distraught.

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