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Mark's Probability - Unfilter


Last Edited: November 28, 2008, 10:37 am

Testing For Friday evening:Type The chance of a 3rd str8 may not hit but it may be a good idea to see how many misses before the next hits.

You can first try to filter down the list by seeing which one of the combo recently came in last 30 or so draw, Notice the group that had less than 48 in the first 4 rows did not hit str8 on wednesday.

Warning the last time I played a method that had 2 str8 then went down to 2 box then missed, no hit, almost like a count down to 0.

For more than 2 weeks I'v had a new list every day of 70-75 num that did not miss for more than 2 weeks the method started to show like it was a warning that it was about to fail then it did which came as no surprise, it may be back by now

if not it could be used as a very good filter, every method that fails more than 7 out of ten times and produces a large grope of combo becomes a good filter so the more the test fails the happer I become most of u never understood why

I would post up to 100 combo as a test, but it was to show that if this keeps failing u could have requested it and used it as a filter every day, but after reading between the lines I will keep this out of the forum, there is always two ways to use any method's results.

not because u lernt about sums, vtracs and a few more mean thats all, I thought my self how to use methods and probability over ten years ago when I was first introduce to the lottery in jamaica, no one that I knew did this, I stated to win every week at le $500.00 then I gave my stupid friend the 5 num and he forgot to buy them and the 5 numbers played for $500,000, the last time I won from the fantasy 5 in one night's draw I hit 2 second prize four 3rd prize and 8 free tickets that gave me one 3rd prize and 4 free tickets.

Will generate combo for today if requested only.

P1 - P2  - P3


0    3    3     Take note the introduction of a new number =0, the 7 came in last 2 draw now it is missing,number 9 is also missing.
2    6    8
3    8    4
3    5    1  = 48
2    6         
6              = 64

3    0    5

1              = 125



6    7    3
4    9    7  = If we had removed the 497 that came in wednesday's top row results and also in the wed-draw, we would only have had 48 to work with
1    4    3      but if we had remove all the numbers from the wed-draw we would have miss the 7
2    4    5
5    8    8 
  = 48

        1         = 64

7      6        4   = 125 = The introductin of a new number = 6



4    7    9
4    9    7
4    0    0
1    4    3
2    9    3 = 27

5    9    8
      7      = 64


3    3    1
3    6    1
4    2    5
4    0    8
1    3    4 =48

7    6    4
7    1    3
1    6    3
5    9    8
0    2    4 =

Entry #5


SloeginComment by Sloegin - November 28, 2008, 1:40 pm
Good afternoon Mark J:
I did see the 673 box from lastnight and realize its getting closer.
With regards to Friday eve filtering, I'd suggest if U followed Wed (eve)
formula where the 497 jumped out of the combinations.
Mark JComment by Mark J - November 28, 2008, 2:44 pm
Hi sloegin,
thanks for the suggestion but the fomula is what it is and so is the results, u can alway work around the num u don't want to play it is very easy to combin from left to right, as I'v said before
I post the exat results has is then u can choose your method of tracking and filtering it down one thing I like about posting this method is not handing 1 millon people the jackpot I would not do this even if I could that could cause the lottery to quikly computeriz the came to their stop losses, so if I perfect this to the point were it hit 7 out of ten times with a very small group of numbers
then I would pull it from the public without them realizing how good it is, please still share your num with me here,I need to know how it helps u but if after a week or so and it does not help to give min 2-3 out of 5 I well remove it, u should check out the "IF Filter" it may become very usefull I think it may give us the num every night just have to filter it down on your own some more ok, keeb in touch because I may block these results or my blog from those who use them and leave no comment or may never say thank u at all.
SloeginComment by Sloegin - November 28, 2008, 3:46 pm
Hey Mark:
what you said makes sense, after all you do a lot of work to get it to this point.
Remember however some of us (me ) is still catching up. So I may need a little help sometimes to follow your process.
My innitial picks are
615 145 315 418 436 045 283 358 858
Thanks again....I will await your combo and picks

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