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Cash3 Fliltered Down Box


Last Edited: November 29, 2008, 10:08 pm

CA$H3 Filtered Down Box Set



Saturday evening only.

Use of probability filter's try to create a miss rather than a hit then playing the combos that had the lowiest hits: cnt 0 - 2 then 3 just in case, but still testing filter systems, count is the number of time the filter found the same result and would choose to play them so how many times would these filter with 10 groups of 100 creat a hit in one draw, we will see if the combo is not in the list below then the filters were hitting alot and may need to reduce to 50 combos  each

Filtering out using anothe count filter, Removing by choice, I also see we have allot of 7 again. Midday Draw I woud remove = 466, removing using the IF Filter



Cnt1  Cnt 2        Count 3                        Count       Count 1  
961    651        210    863                         606        101    676
632    832        610    764                         646        808    696
652    542        860    864                         686        181    848
862    762        721    765                         717        191    858
982    854        831    985                         737        212    868
976    874        541    876                         878        272    929
986    xXx        851    987                         444        343    000
xxx    XXX        861    xXx                         555        464    666
xxx    XXX        xXx    xXx                         888        616    777
xxx    XXX        xXx    xXx                         999        626    xXx             STR8 HIT 831 EVE AND MIDDAY BOX HIT 466

Entry #9


SloeginComment by Sloegin - November 29, 2008, 1:34 pm
Hi Mark:
Is this the If list with probability filter (new) and what does cnt1, cnt2 mean.
Is 1 (one) more probale than 2
Mark JComment by Mark J - November 29, 2008, 2:37 pm
NO! actualy the one/lower is more likly to show than 3/higher
but not sure at this time it is not the If it is from 10 probability each with groups of 100 in each positon then the box hit are counted "cnt" if all ten fail then count "o" will hit tonight
hoping it will not past count 1 everyday, then we could have hit everyday with smaller combos to play
the box set in each of the filter's 10 group of 100 box comes from combining accross from P1-P2 & P3 Just like we were doing put this is done only in the same row as to create a miss rather than
a hit.
Comment by jgdr - November 30, 2008, 4:20 am
hey markj I like you if filter ut has good potential
what does the count meant at the top of each colum
SloeginComment by Sloegin - November 30, 2008, 2:02 pm
Whats up: Markj here is what I was thinking, ....trying to get the number selection more refined.
(1) In a majority of draws one of the drawn number (e.g last night) carries over to the next draw. Is there a way to filter and to predict that digit most likely to carryover. (2) You have a way to sort and filter the Pick 3 down to 125 #rs,(a) I know this..(b)maybe lets get it down to about 40 numbers using Probability.....then further reduce that 40# by using The IF filter (c) lastly using the number MOST likely to carry over to the next draw to further filter our picks. Is there a way to do this?
Mark JComment by Mark J - November 30, 2008, 2:13 pm
Ihave incresed the num of filters last night from 10 to about 60 but I have to be carfull with the counting of each combo that is what the count means,
I will try this then only count the combos that are high in each group then remove them from the list of 220 box set this is why I don't post them as str8 because it is easier if we remove from the smaller list at all times

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