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Don't you think Kids age 1-15 & Teenagers should have their own Stock Market...


Kids age 01-15 & Teenagers Stock Market: Don't you feel that kids age 01-15 and teenagers should all together have their stock market? Not a stock market like grown ups, i mean something where they compete to earn money...Something like board games or games or video games that require ingenuity...Totally different from grown ups stock markets...Some kids will be too small to participate, but i am sure they can have representation or grown ups representation....I don't know all i am saying is that there needs to be a Stock Market of Games for kids....I don't see nothing wrong with kids gambling as long as the amount betted is not more than 10 cents...I mean kids got what? Disney World? And that's it, and even disney world charges, so i don't understand....I mean grown ups got cars, STOCK MARKET, lottery, chicks, and what do kids got? toys and that's it...And i am not talking about a USA Kids/teenagers Stock Market, i am talking about a Global kids/teenagers Stock Market....where the only ones that play and benefit are kids/teenagers, of course they can have representation the ones that are too small to play...There is not even million dollars free lottos for kids....I don't know but i always felt that disney world wasn't for kids it is just a bussiness...

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Comment by pumpi76 - December 2, 2008, 5:11 pm
i am talking about a Kids Stock Market game where only kids/teenagers can participate....

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