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$3,000 - $4,000/mo with Pick 4


Last Edited: December 20, 2008, 12:36 am

All States Pick 4 Eve - Key Numbers: 0 - 9.

Right now #5 is the hotest with total of 220 hits, while #6 & #7 is in 2nd place. To play this will cost $532 each Key Number contain 76 individual numbers.


The daily win and loss on the right side is for #5, let's just pretend that I have played this daily with $532/day after 35 days I earned $3,069 profit. Playing this would need 6 box hits within the Key Number. Note that the pink box indicate the required hits met (6 box hits), while black box indicate under 6 box hits resulting a loss. Each Key Number cost $532 to play, need 6 box (6 x $93.75 = $562.50) or more to win. Of course I would not continue playing after got hit with the first black square, I would do two things A) jump into the next hot Key Number while it is still going with pink square, or B) stop for few days and monitor. If I select A, I would stick to the new Hot Key Number until I get hit with a black square then jump back to the original Hot Key Number after the coast is clear.

If you decided to play this look for a consecutive linkage in one Key Number, it does not have to be from the hottest (#5 Key Number), any other will do as long as they have a week worth of hits over 6 box a day. For an example, while 15-Dec is cold for #5 Key Number, #0 is taking its place with many hits. Now look at 18-Dec on #5 where there is a 6 box hit resulting a returning of the great #5 Key Number, expecting incoming hits till the end of next week.

Pays very well if you have the eye to see patterns. You can easily make few thousands a month by doing so, even with a black square days you'll still make profit in the long run if you're able to jump from one Key number to the next.

Pick your 3 Key numbers to jump from when one got hit with a black square, then wait 3 - 4 days (look at the previous pattern to see the average black square takeover for that Key Number, often time they pop in for 2 days then back to pink, while sometimes they stay for a week) and jump back in before the black square hits the Key Number you're currently eating money off of.

The black square does not mean complete loss, it just a small faction of the whole month earning as long as you don't jump into the "cold" Key Numbers you should be able to make $3,000 - $4,000 a month profit!

Would recommend you keep a notebook of the All States Key Numbers. The Key Numbers can be found under "RESULT" then "DAILY NUMBERS GAME" and select inspect pick 4 evening. Then select only singles and paste it in the inspect box below the very same page, there you'll see the Key Numbers for that day, record them and keep track of it. Color code them for easy viewing, then the pattern will emerge like this one.

With questions you can message me or write them here, I'll do my best to explain it to you if you're interested in giving this a shot.

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