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NC/SC Using UA Digits and the Benefits of Sharing...


Last Edited: January 6, 2009, 11:30 am


You know before I posted the Unfair Advantage digits, I was just thinking it was the three digits from my ad account that were showing in the next day's PK3/PK4 in SC and NC. While posting, I noticed that the mirrors were showing too, so I included that observation. And yesterday I noticed even more. So I'm just saying, it is good to share b/c it always comes back ten-fold.

So, for example, here's an illustration of how yesterday's UA #s showed in the draws. The UA was 215 (760) mirror, and 0=3, and 6 flipping to become a 9. Will use this color when a number has been flipped, ie 0=3 and viceaversa and 6=9 and 4=7. For those who are used to using mirrors, totals and totals of the mirror, this observation will be useful. For those who don't know what that last sentence means, you can learn. I've only been learning about this numbers game since mid September, so keep at it.

EX 1                           EX 2

SC MD/3 (779)       SC MD/4 (5361)   

2 1 5                           2 1 5

7 6 0                            7 6 0  

   3                                   3


In ex 1, you can see the 2 highlighted as a mirror (making it a 7) even though it was an original UA #, but highlighting it this way shows you how to account for doubles in this workout. The 6 flipped to a 9, which is not unusual in the lotto. So that gives you the 779 draw for SC MD. 

Now, ex 2 was what I found so fascinating. By posting the numbers in ttt format, it is easy to see where the four digit draw came from in SC MD (hindsight is 20/20). Who would have thought picking the four digit could be this simple, 5361, and all touching! Wish I had been ttt-ing these digits b4 yesterday. I would have been singing "cha-ching" this morning on that 4 digit.Cool

So I'm just introducing the ttt format as a possible tool to use with the system because it helps us to visualized the possibilities. ( For anyone wondering where the 3 came from in the above ttt, it came from the fact that there is a 0 on the line above, and it helps you to remember that 0=3. So if there is a 0 in the ttt, add the 3 on the next line)

As I continue to play w/ this system, I think I'll try to find some rules on how to introduce the missing digits into the equation, such as the example below for yesterday.


      4     (1 digit higher or lower than the number it sits on top of, but only do this if the resulting number is not already in the ttt) 

2  1 5                         

7  6 0                            


   8         (the mirror of the number it is placed under, again do this only if the resulting number is not already in the ttt)


With these rules, this ttt has all the numbers, with the 6 acting as a 9. This method would have worked for yesterday's draw in both states. Still I will have to play with that some more. Anyone who tries this ttt format might post their observations and conclusions on what might be a good rule for adding missing numbers to the ttt.

Of course yesterday's NC 19  MD and 261 Eve  (repeat offender) were full of the UA numbers.

Let's see what today's "good to go" UA, 7,9,6, will yield.

Entry #8


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