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All States Pick 3 players check this out!



This chart right here indicate doubles; 00,11,22,33,44,55,66,77,88,99. This is for All States pick 3 evening play. So the numbers on top in blue box represents that, 1 = 11, 2 = 22 and so on. The total are under each number.

I've been monitoring this for quite sometime. Would like to share with you all states pick 3 players to look at this for potiential investment to make some money. Ok, check this out. Number 8 which represent 88 is quite consistent in term of money making double. There are few ways to play this. Daily, or after a blackout (no numbers were drawn for the day).

When playing the double 88 you would need to combined it with one of the following number; 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9 which makes a total of 9 numbers.

9 x $0.25 x 32 states (not counting canada and IL, and NH) = $72 for box hit.

For straight it will be 9 x 3 (straight combos within one number; 881,818,188) x $0.25 x 32 = $216 for straight hit.

From looking at the chart 1 indicate that there were 1 double of 88 showed up, for box that pays $75, and for straight it pays $225. The only way you lose money is hitting a blackout (days with zero hit). So, this is how to play to make mad money.

I am playing after a blackout days, on straight plays. Looking at the chart you can see that there are no consecutive blackout days. So, to be on the safe making money side only play the day that is after a blackout day, then stop and wait till there is a blackout again and play for the next day. If doing so on straight play you can make so much. Looking at the chart for real results.

Nov 17th there was a blackout, so I played on Nov 18th and made $234, because there were 2 straight hits that's 2 x $225 = $450, then minus the cost to play $216 leaving with $234 profit on that day. Even if there is a 1 hit, you don't lose money,  you only made $9. But when using this method throughout you are actually waiting for the day after a blackout to have more than 1 hits for mad profits. Only set 88 gives you this, the other have consecutive blackout days so it is quite dangerous on other sets with this method.

Another real example is on the Dec 19th there was a blackout day, so I played on Dec 20th and got 3 straight hits. That's $459 profit. 3 straights x $225/ea = $675 - $216 cost to play = $459 profit!

Now, if you are playing it daily for box or straight the blackday will be hard to aviod, but then again you would be winning a lot before it comes and when it does the blackout day does not hang around too long.

So, I am waiting for the blackout day to come, it is coming. Once it does I will bet for straight play for the next day draw and hit it big. I might play daily after hitting few big ones after the blackout days. In the mean time I am tracking this becaues it shows good profits playing after the blackout days method, a sure safe bet that you win some or a lot.

Something I thought would share with you all states pick 3 players.

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