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"Bernard L. Madoff: International Financial Terrorist


Not an article of inspiration whatsoever, I stumbled on this assessment of Bernard Madoff the ponzi scheme investment broker.  His actions are mind boggling.  What?  What?  What?

Please excuse lack of paragraph formatting, as this is how the article appeared ... was unable to locate the original.


"Bernard L. Madoff: International Financial Terrorist

January 8, 2009
by Steve Pieczenik M.D, Phd
S&R Literary Inc
Source Steve Quayle News Alerts

"When is a terrorist a terrorist? We seem to use the term so loosely that we have forgotten in this world maze of conflicts that the word 'terrorism' has a very specific connotation and that the concept of a "War on Terror" is of itself an oxymoron. So what do I mean when I identify someone as a 'terrorist'? Over a thirty year career under Presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr. as the principal hostage negotiator [ over five hundred hostages saved], senior counter-terrorist expert and the creator of the USA policy of 'no-negotiations with terrorists',  I have a very clear set of criteria for declaring someone as a 'terrorist' and quite frankly Bernard L. Madoff the Ponzi Swindler of the 21 st century fits those psychological and economic criteria for judging him in the criminal court system as an "International Financial Terrorist'. As a Harvard-trained board certified psychiatrist and a past board examiner in psychiatry and neurology, I can easily diagnose Madoff as a 'sociopath' who has deep feelings of 'self-hatred as a Jew" and needs to seek revenge against those whom he despises/envies by having created a vitriolic fifty billion dollar ponzi scheme  against myriads of innocent Jewish individuals, charities, universities, country clubs, high schools and charities. However simply putting a psychiatric label on him no matter what it is quite frankly is not sufficient or necessary. For the most part the ordinary individual in the street reflectively calls him 'crazy' which by the way he is not in any legitimate psychiatric sense.  He is neither delusional, psychotic and he admitted outright that 'he was the sole responsible individual" of this Ponzi scheme disingenuously attempting to exonerate his sons and other family members. So the normal mental health exam cannot in any way exonerate him for the responsibility that he bears for his directed destructive consequences. Yes, I did say 'directed'. Like most terrorists groups and particularly terrorist leaders who by the way like myself were practicing physicians [ Bahsir Assad of Syria , an opthamologist; El Zwahiri, Osama's right hand man is an internist; the three heads of Hamas were pediatricians, Che Guevera was a surgeon; Karadzic the Serbian leader of ethnic cleansing was a psychiatrist, etc]   he stole from and destroyed from a 'targeted' group of individuals who had [1] money to invest;[2] belonged to an ethnic group which he knew well both their psychology, their patterns of investment behavior and were for the most part in the world of international finances 'innocent. Secondly, like any effective terrorist, Madoff consciously used an instruments of destruction which like the IED, or  explosives could create fear, terror, eliminate both the financial and emotional underpinning of innocent individual as well as facilitate the destruction of major civilian institutions like charities, universities, high schools, country clubs, all the while sitting on their board and directing the future of these aforementioned 'targets'. In the jargon of terrorism we call the aforementioned entities 'targets of opportunity'. Much like a terrorist group will often target a busload of innocent children going to school and hold them hostage for ransom or eventually kill them, Madoff did the EXACT technique of cultivating his 'targets of opportunity' systematically, deliberately, and even facilitated their demise [whether individual or collective] by encouraging them through constant use of deception, betrayal and very deliberate lies to invest in his 'deadly instrument of terror' called 'the Ponzi scheme'. Why was this instrument so deadly to any and all individuals and institutions that invested in it is because by it's very nature Madoff and his accomplices [including his extensive family network in the USA and abroad] was a self-destructive instrument that could never legitimately return the rates and base principles of money that had been invested in it from the very beginning. In other words whatever Madoff promised was completely irrelevant because he knew that he would eventually 'destroy the investment' and 'destroy the individuals/institutions livelihood. Thirdly, this analogy is very similar to the modus operandi of all the hundreds of terrorists with whom I have worked against including Arafat, Habash, PLO, PFLP, JRA, FARC, M-19, Noriega, Pol Pot, etc.  where the  terrorist first takes a hostage. In Madoff's case he 'targeted innocent individual/groups' held them 'hostage' through their investments and then literally 'pulled the trigger' and 'killed them financially' through a self-exploding financial instruments. And like all terrorists, he never had a moment of remorse, guilt and even continued to solicit more innocent victims right to the very end of his own admission of  'financial terrorism". The victims were killed and he sent out his 'terrorist cells' to recruit more 'innocent hostages' for his 'final solution' to the ethnic group which he had specifically targeted. Fourthly, like all effective international terrorist groups Madoff had recruited family members and others from all over the world in order to maintain the viability of both his terrorist organization called the 'Madoff Fund' through other worldwide 'terrorist cells' innocently called The Fairfield Greenwich Group exposure $7.5billion, led by Walter M. Noel and Jeffery Tucker [a former  S.E.C. lawyer]. Also involved in this extensive 'worldwide terrorist organization' were the four Noel Family son-in-laws of Madoff--Andres Piedrhahita based in Madrid and London; Yako Della Schiava, Italy and France; Philip J. Taub, Switzerland, Brazil and the Middle East. The Noel 'terrorist family cell' destroyed the following individuals an institutions : Korea Life Insurance, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority; The Town of Fairfield, Conn. ; and the Elie Wiesel Foundationa for Humanity. Clearly the list of 'targets of opportunity' is quite extensive including the Palm Beach Country Club in Florida.; the country club in the Twin Cities; Yeshiva University; Ramaz; Hadassah, etc. Simply stated NO EXTREME MUSLIM GROUP COULD HAVE DONE MORE DAMAGE TO INNOCENT JEWISH CIVILIANS AND INSTITUTIONS THAN THE TERRORIST BERNARD L. MADOFF. So what are 'terroriist techniques did he use to lure his victims into their final demise? Always remember that emotional/psychological manipulations can be as deadly as a shot from a gun. In the parlance of terrorism we call his techniques 'psychological warfare", much like the Al Qaeda group does all over the world. First he denies the truth. Then he distorts the truth by convincing individuals that they will be 'safe' in their investments'. Then he betrays them and manipulates their trust to such incredible degree that he made certain that he and his wife [also an accomplice as well as his sons]  sat on many of the boards which had invest in his 'terrorist Ponzi Scheme', maintaining the self-sustaining illusion that he and his family were legitimate, honest and trustworthy while all the time clearly constructing the financial demise of this 'financial hostages'. Madoff even went so far in his psy-ops campaign as to appear on USA television last year to assure the viewers that the clearly incompetent SEC and it's pathetic 'counter-terrorists' were outstanding examples of 'trustworthiness and financial and investigative prowess, all the while knowing that he had literally 'penetrated' through 'operatives' and 'business intelligence' their weakness and incompetentcy. In summary what the Madoff case present is the first of its kind of eliminating any psychiatric defense of insanity or mitigating circumstances and of trying this 'international financial terrorist' according to the laws designated specifically for prosecuting 'terrorists' who have committed 'acts of terror'. Anything less than that approach will be at best a travesty of justice and at worse an encouragement to other potential 'international individual/institutional terrorists' to pursue their inevitable destiny of maim and destruction of innocent lives and institutions."

Dr Steve Pieczenik M.D, Phd, Harvard-trained psychiatrist and M.I.T Phd in International Affairs has served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr, and Senior Advisor To DOD. His website is www.stevepieczenik.com


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Rick GComment by Rick G - January 11, 2009, 11:18 am
I cannot believe this guy is not behind bars. I'm surprised he hasn't been "suicided" while in home detention. After all, he knows a lot.

Another gentleman that might be making similar headlines in the future is Robert Rubin (Citigroup). If the allegations are true it will dwarf Madoff's fraud. But you don't hear about this one in the MSM. I forget the details but he is involved in a lawsuit that would bring to light similar but larger "ponzi-sheming" that took place internationally.
konaneComment by konane - January 11, 2009, 12:21 pm
Thanks Rick ..... happy to hear from you, was wondering if you were frozen considering Chicago weather lately.

I can't begin to fathom what kind of ego trip Madoff was on ... then again most people can't fathom thinking of a sociopath.
You can bet money he's going to jail for a long time, takes the feds time to lay out an iron clad case, plus determine the depth of major financial ruin he's created.

Ah yes Rubin one of Clinton's slimy cronies. Didn't like him then never liked him. Not as informed as you about the allegations against him but got the popcorn and soda ready for a play by play.

BTW Drudge did have some headlines about Rubin this morning, but since he's inside the loop the MSM'll just gloss it over, hide the gory details.

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