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Being Positive! 5 Top Things


Last Edited: January 20, 2009, 11:35 am

So,what are the 5 things that you should always remain positive about,especially through your low points? Let’s find out shall we…

1. Your Health.

Ilove the saying ‘If there’s nothing wrong with your health, you don’thave a problem’, I’m not saying I fully believe in it (I don’t believein problems, only situations) but it definitely makes sense. When weare born, there’s only one thing all of us having in common, we aregoing to die.

Whilethat may be a grim statement, you certainly shouldn’t look at thingslike that. Your health is one of the most vital assets you have, infact it’s the most vital asset you have. No matter what car you driveor how much money you have in your bank, they are completelymeaningless compared to the importance of being healthy and strong.

Wheneverything seems down, just remember that you are alive and healthy andyou have the rest of your life in front of you. There’s no greaterachievement than the gift of life.

2. There’s Always Tomorrow.

You’veprobably heard this a million times but the point from this statementis just as true as ever. Have you ever been stressing about something alot, maybe through impatience, and woke up the next day and found thatyou don’t really care about that ‘problem’ anymore?

Iknow I have. There’s always tomorrow is not just a wishful thinkingmindset, it’s a fact. Tomorrow will be here just like today was here,so no matter how bad things are going or how bad your day seems,tomorrow will be here when you wake up and give you hundreds of moreopportunities.

Thatisn’t to say you should put things off and always be waiting fortomorrow, this is about realising you still have the time to turnthings around and improve your situation.

3. Your Potential.

Thereare some people in this world who are billionaires. There are somepeople in this world that discovered gravity, invented electricity andeven someone who came up with the internet. You know what thedifference is between you and all these amazing people?


Absolutely nothing, you’re both human.

Somepeople never live up to their full potential, mostly because theybelieve that success and fame or happiness and clarity are left forpeople who are more fortunate than them. Do you think Tim Berners-Leewoke up and decided to create the internet? No way. But I’m sure he hadan idea of what he wanted to achieve and went out there to start doingit.

Youhave the potential to be anyone and do anything you want, our time onthis planet gives us amazing chances and opportunities, don’t waste itbecause you feel like you have no hope. You have as good a chance tochange the world as anybody, you just have to realise it.

People made millions, people saved lives, you are a person, you can do the same.

4. Things Could be Worse.

Things could be worse, they could always be worse, at least in 99.9% of situations we find ourselves in. I recently told the storyof a prostitute who was kicked out on the street by a man who had sexwith her and didn’t pay. This was while being watched by lots of peoplewith their heads hanging out of office windows to see what was goingon. Imagine being in that situation.

Nomatter what problems you think you have right now, they could be worse.If you are struggling to pay your next bill, at least you are living ina home while doing it or have a family who are willing to support you.If you’ve just divorced your wife, it’s not like all other women on theplanet have disappeared, you can still get out there and find anothergirl for you. Life is abundant, don’t take your current situation asthe worst it could be, because more often than not, things could be awhole level worse than you can imagine.

5. You’ll Come Out Stronger.

Ilove challenges, I really do. I love knowing I’m scared of doingsomething but that I can conquer it. For example I recently did abungee jump, I was very nervous before jumping from an 80ft bridge butI loved knowing I was nervous, I loved having the opportunity toovercome the fear.

Hard times make you stronger‘or variations of that phrase are probably something you’ve heard 100times before, that’s because it’s true. Think of any hard time in yourlife whether it’s:

  • Losing your job
  • Going through a divorce
  • Getting beaten up / mugged / burgled (I’ve      had all 3)
  • Being financially unstable

Ifyou’ve been through any of these and came out on the other side thenyou will know that they’ve probably made you stronger as a person andhelped you with other aspects of your life. Be thankful for thechallenges you have right now, because on the other end is a new youwith a lot more strength than the old one.

Excerpt from here.

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emilygComment by emilyg - January 20, 2009, 2:14 pm
Good read. Thank you.
big3pickerComment by big3picker - January 21, 2009, 10:24 am
all of the above is so true. at times we all get down for whatever reason, but if we look back we will and can see that we have came through some tough and troubling times. but the main point is to keep your head high and not give up, for tommorrow is another day.

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