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Been testing LottoSync 1.8 for 2-3 weeks


Last Edited: January 21, 2009, 1:49 pm

With very varying results. I am not that impressed by the results I've gotten on Pick-6. Perhaps it will help when X400 samples will be introduced in version 1.8.2.

I can see a use for it on Keno. It hits 5 numbers correct once in a while, which makes it useful if you want to use pick-5 or pick-6 wheels on Keno. Yes it is possible! I've also tested Keno on Lotto Sorcerer and often get better results than LottoSync. Unlike LottoSync, Lotto Sorcerer doesn't spend hours finding the numbers. Usually no more than 5 seconds. This is a test where only one line of Keno is predicted.

I'm not dissing LottoSync completely. I will perhaps buy a 3 month license.

Discovered a "new" lottery prediction software on the internet: PF-LottoSP for Pocket PC and Windows Mobile. It uses the same Montecarlo mathematical routines as LottoSync, but costs only 17-18 dollars, and it uses mere seconds to come up with the predicted numbers. Haven't tested it yet, but will probably buy it out of pure curiosity. For those without a pocket PC, Microsoft got a windows mobile emulator available for free.

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Scott311Comment by Scott311 - January 21, 2009, 3:36 pm
The LottoSP, I clicked on the link. I couldent find where is states the price. Do they have a website or forum?
MillionsWantedComment by MillionsWanted - January 21, 2009, 3:43 pm
Try here: http://www.pocketfleet.homeunix.com/products.htm

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