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NC QP Mirror System...


Last Edited: January 22, 2009, 8:05 pm

Hey there!  A relative of mine gave me his cool idea of using a quick pick to basically give me a set of numbers that can more than likely produce a hit.  I have been playing with his system for about a 2 weeks (give or take) and it has produced around 9 hits so far.  The last test I did was last night so I will use last nights QP for my example.  I had 374 QP for NC Evening 1-21-09.  I only use 1 QP but you can purchase as many as you would like for your testing.

Starting off you add 3 and minus 3 to each number.  My QP last night was 374 so I came up with this TTT...




Then you use the 6 as the base number (or whatever the first number is) to make combos.  Use the base to make every possible combo in the TTT.  So my combos were: 607, 604, 603, 677, 674, 671, 634.  Don't count duplicate combinations.

Okay now keep the base number and MIRROR ONLY the 2nd and 3rd digit.







634-689(straight hit for NC 1-21-09 Eve Draw)

So now your play numbers are 652, 659, 658, 622, 629, 626 and 689.  Also make sure to play your +3 and -3 combos.  I had 607 and 041 also in my play list.

When I come out with these I check them with the my TTT or rundown.  I usually end up with +/- 12 numbers per draw (includes my pets sometimes).  Some play lists can contain up to 16 numbers but it's up to you to play them all or use filtering.

I know its just random but so is the lottery.  It's a fun little workout for me and as I've stated earlier, it has produced 9 hits for me in the past 2 weeks.  If you have old QPs and you're in another state besides NC, try backtesting.  I dug up some old QPs I had from back in Oct and Nov and 10 out of the 16 I found produced a hit using this system.  I am going to try it out in SC soon.  I have a few QPs from there, but with SC, all the QPs I had hit within 2 weeks, they still could hold the key to draws in between.

Hope you all enjoy it!

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