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Texas 2 Steps?


Last Edited: February 12, 2009, 2:19 am

Will be moving to Texas by the end of this month, thought I would get started looking into Texas lotto games. Created Texas 2 Steps excel sheets today, going to be compiling a year's worth of info starting 2008. This will give a good bird's eye view on its pattern to detect the "Normal Rhythm" or "Normal Behaviors". It is looking good, and will take up a good few days to finish it before starting the analysis. I noticed that there are not many Texas 2 Steps discussions on LP, perhaps not a lot of people playing it or is shy talking about it. People need to speak up! Either way, I am going to look into it and will share the info soon.

Few more days my pick 3 straight system for all states will be complete. As long as the expected hits are met, if so, it is a good system. When it does not, that's because I guessed a different outcome. With the system I have it gives me 3 outcome, and 2 are "Sure Shots" while 1 is often not...so, even with the provided data I still need to train my eyes in selecting the "Sure Shots". Once the system is completed I will be able to make between $120 - $600 a day!!! If so, I can quit my day job and focus more time into developing systems for jackpot games. I would need dual monitors, 30 inch each from Apple, and a Mac Pro to really be comfortable, it will be my mini-super computer. With the dual monitors I am able to have multiple excel sheets open and view it in one glance...oh how sweet that would be!!!

I don't think people understand how much work goes into finding the best set of numbers, for the next draw. So, I am going to record a video on my usual routine of selecting numbers with the methods I came up with. This to give some clues to the kind of work goes into predictions, or for play with real money.

I hope my work serve people well...

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Comment by thegee - February 12, 2009, 6:18 am
I hope all goes well for u so LP can have all your sure shot blessings.Thanks,keep up the good work and keep us informed.
rcbbuckeyeComment by rcbbuckeye - February 12, 2009, 8:58 am
Welcome to Tx when you get here. I play most of my budget on 2 step. And I win the biggest percent of my play on 2 step along with cash 5. I think there's not a lot of talk about 2 step because the jackpot doesn't get that high compared to the other games, but I really like it because the odds are so much lower.
I have an excel file that has the last 637 drawings tracked. I track where each number has played by position, and the total number of times each number has played. Besides using that info, I also play random numbers. Right now I'm playing a key number with random numbers, just switching things up.
Good luck.
thorComment by thor - February 12, 2009, 4:33 pm
as we discussed via pvt message, can't wait to see your 2 step system and notes. i think it's a game that's their for the "picking".

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