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Excel Sheet: POWERBALL


Last Edited: February 21, 2009, 2:04 am

PowerBall Excel Sheet by DiamondPalace



PowerBall Excel Sheet User's Guide


This will help to understand the sheet, and to update it as new draws results comes in. Explanations to each elements within the sheets are also in the steps.


1.Create a new row, and Plug in the latest result under "RESULT".




2. To the right of "RESULTS", there's "R#" (repeat numbers) and "C#" (consecutive number). First, Look within the new draw and compare it with the previous draw, to see if there are any repeating numbers, if so, highlight it in light blue for it to stand out. Then, make the cell on the same row and put #2 under "R#". For "C#" (consecutive number) look within the new draw to see if there are any, if so, put a check on the same row. This will help identify its frequency.

3. Add up the new result to get the SUM.

02+15+39+44+56 = 156 then place it under "SUM" on the same row. Purple boxed indicate SUM over 100+, gray color under -100.

4. With the new SUM, 156 take that and go to the next tab "SUM RANGE" and then add 1 under "150-159", and note at the bottom "Last Update"put the last day the change was made. If a day was missed, one can go back and see where it was left off. Very important little reminder. Use this as a guide to have the lines in HOT sums.

5. Now, we look within the new result entry. Look for Low numbers, and High numbers. Low: 1 - 29, High: 30 - 59 for PowerBall.

From the result 02-15-39-44-56 we have 2 lows, and 3 high (2L/3H). Each are color coded so copy from the previous draws that have the same L/H combo. Identification on one result does not mean much, but when combined with the entire data within the sheet a pattern starts to emerged with low/high combos. 

6. Next to this "Low/High" section, there's "Even/Odd". Yes, we are extracting the results to see the basic components, what it's made of. Similar to the previous step, look for even/odd instead, and place it on the same row under "Even/Odd".




7. From "RESULT" we are moving to the left of the sheet. Here, we have "Group Numbers". There are 59 numbers in PowerBall, that's one big pool with lots of numbers, so to make things in bite size we divided 59 of those numbers and place them into smaller pools, in jacuzzi. There are 4 small groups, A, B, C, and D. Each of these groups have the assigned numbers to them on top of the bar:

A: 01-14

B: 15-29

C: 30-34

D: 45-59

Now, identify the result and see how many numbers shows up within a group.

From 02-15-39-44-56 we have, 02 in group A so marked 1 for group A. Dark blue color indicate more than 1 digit from the group showed up within the new draw.

15 from group B.

39 & 44 from group C.

And 56 from group D.

Then under "GROUP" place ABCD on the same row.

Can't tell much from one result. However, when combined with the rest of the results on the sheet there are patterns to them. 

There are 4 small groups; A,B,C and D. When they combined, there are a possible of;












place the appropriate group under "GROUP" according to the numbers within the new result. Each of the combinations are color coded, so copy and paste from the previous draw that share the same group as the new draw.

8. After all that is done, we now look at the PowerBall (red ball) which came with the five white balls.

There are now 39 power balls to this game, and we have divided them into smaller groups;

A: 01-09

B: 10-19

C: 20-29

D: 30-39

Each powerball number is on the same row as the result which it came with. The "X" indicate a placement to which the number came from a group. They are color coded, copy and paste from the previous PB that share the same group number as the new one. 

9. Hot/Cold PowerBall numbers.

In the "Hot Cold" tab, there's a graph with the current hot cold numbers.

The first "Numbers" and "Hit Times" are from previous 10 draw, the second are from 50 previous draws.

Copy and paste the graph from the site listed on top of the sheet. Once you're at the site click on "Lottery Analysis" from the left menu, and pick the state that have PowerBall, and select 10 previous draw analysis, then copy and paste in the numbers to the sheet, same step for 50 previous draw. Don't forget to color the cell of the numbers that are in the latest draw.

This section helps identify the hot and cold numbers, you can get them here on LP, but I like the graphs on the mentioned site, which someone is blocked from LP... Anyway, moving on to the last section of the sheet.

10. "Wheel" is the last tab is where you can wheel the 9 numbers. To wheel more than 9, you can visit LP under Pick 5 wheel section. I have it here just incase you're unable to get online and have 9 numbers wanted to wheel. Noticed the SUM section, pick the lines that have HOT SUMS, look in the "SUM RANGE" tab for the Hot/Cold sums.


Feel free to PM me with questions/suggestions/reviews. Thanks and good luck!


Entry #104


Comment by billybouy - February 21, 2009, 4:28 am
Many thanks my friend you have done a lot work on these I will try and get used to them.
Kind regards,
diamondpalaceComment by diamondpalace - February 21, 2009, 5:58 pm
You're welcome billybouy :)

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