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The Magic of a Run Down!!


Last Edited: February 24, 2009, 4:59 pm

I have a question? Have you ever like a number or perhaps dreamed a number and wonder why that number was not drawn in your state lottery? There is a reason why that number was not drawn. It might be because one of the related numbers in the run down was actually drawn. As I have so stated in other post...there are 9 other numbers that could be drawn from that run down. In the case of a double there are 19; because you have to take in concideration both set of pairs. Let take an example. Say you like the number 427-which by the way was drawn in Georgia last even- which gave out as 274. Anyway the other numbers tat could have been drawn are 427-538-649-750-861-972-083-194-205-316-427. Those are the other numbers in this run down that could have also been drawn. Georgia also drew the same set of numbers in it's Cash 4...it drew last evening...4496...remember we use the back three numbers...thus...4496-5507-6618-7729-8830-9941-0052-1163-2274-3385-4496...496-507-618-729-830-941-052-163-274-385-496.

Doubles would work the same way except there are the pairs that must also be considered. Lets take for instant the doubles I have posted for today...let say that you like 228...the other numbers in this run down are...228-339-440-551-662-773-884-995-006-117-228...then there are the other pairs...288-399-400-511-622-733-844-955-066-177-288. Now all are these numbers do not appear in my post because in most cases my post will consist of a tract because I am posting for Allstates. A tract is a run down that consist of a portion of number from usually three related run down..which usually are the up and down pairs. Remeber when a number is drawn by your lottery they go up and down on a numbers previouly drawn. If you do not believe me watch and learn. The is only one set of double numbers with the pair all rolled up into one run down...that is the 338 run down...338-449-550-661-772-883-994-005-116-227-338...notice that all of the pairs are contained it that run down. This is the only double run down that is unique this way.

So in conclusion...remember the next time that you have number that you like; remember that their are 9 other number that could be draw or in the case of a double 19 other numbers, unless it is the 338 run down. I hope that I have not totally confused you. Good Day and Good Luck!!! mrlottery15...

Entry #57


TigerAngelComment by TigerAngel - February 24, 2009, 11:44 pm
Hi, thanks for the info but which "run down" are you refering to? There are lots of diferent work outs and run downs right. . .So how does your go?

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