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Subtracting from the middle line number 5 system: Pick4


Last Edited: February 25, 2009, 12:00 am

Again i am not trying to brag but it look like i got a step even closer, inches away from cracking pick4 with this system...However i don't think this system works on Pick3 but for that more test will be needed...Basically this system you subtract every number from 5 since 5 is the middle line and you treat 0 [zero] as ten....

Please bear with me for i have old information to work with i have all the drawings from 2007 for pick4, Georgia...

regular                     Reversed Delta                             

numbers                       numbers

6077=                        1-5-2-2

8280=                        3-3-3-5

7076=                        3-5-2-1

6592=                        1-0-4-3

1685=                        4-1-3-0               

4498=                        1-1-4-3

9822=                        4-3-3-3

0921=                        5-4-3-4                       

6336=                        1-2-2-1                           

4016                          1-5-4-1

7987                          2-4-3-2

8721=                        3-2-3-4

8326=                        3-2-3-1

9631=                        4-1-2-4

1764=                        4-2-1-1

2414=                        3-1-1-1

0096=                        5-5-4-1

6800=                        1-3-5-5

2314=                        3-2-4-1

6021=                        1-5-3-4

5005=                        0-5-5-0

9548=                        4-0-1-3

4939=                        1-4-2-4

3159=                        2-4-0-4

2485=                        3-1-3-0

0536=                        5-0-2-1

I hope that by now you understand this system subtracting from the middle line...

Now here is where you need to pay attention...You see the reversed delta numbers, well they go from 1 to 6, well you could say from 1 to 5 but you have to count 0 [zero]....Remember they go from 1 to 6 and are taken 4 at a time...And here is the thing, you don't have to guess them straight, you can guess them box...If you guess the reversed delta number of 1-3-3-0 and what plays is 3-1-3-0 you will have it right regardless...all you have to do once you get your reversed delta numbers is deduce...Remember that what you must predict is the reverse delta numbers not the regular numbers....

i'll show you an example of deduce....suppose the reverse delta number of 1-5-2-2 is comming on the next drawing and what is going to play is: 6077 on the next drawing and you have 1-2-2-5 all you have to do is the deduce in the following form:




6-7-7-0  [ bingo!!, box jackpot ]





it comes to to 8 combinations...I call this second deducing...All you have to do now is order the numbers in the correct order so you get them straight...And i know you are saying how am i suppose to guess the reversed delta numbers...Well you got something on your side....They are only 1 to 5 reversed delta numbers and you must pick 4 at a time, leaving you with 1 out and that 1 you can cover it on your next combination of reversed delta lotto combination....Not only that, you don't have to win it everyday, a common phenomenon of lottery players, you can select a particular day....Not only that but once you second deduce you can filter the numbers whether you want 2 even and 2 odds or 3 evens and 1 odd, 3 high numbers and 2 low numbers excetera...but you must treat 0 as even you can even do the sum....

And many times the delta lotto numbers 1 number repeats or 2 digits of the delta lotto numbers repeat making it easy for you...

For instace you could select 1,2,3,4 or 1,2,4,5 or 1,3,4,5 or 2,3,4,5 or 1,2,4,5 that's if the numbers don't repeat if they repeat you repeat 1 digit until you get to 5 or repeat 1 digit until you get to 3...AND IT DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU GET THE NUMBERS STRAIGHT OR BOX....And the majority of times zero doesn't play so if you wanted you don't have to mess with "0" [zero]

Now the problem is getting it straight...I think with this system you could make a living off of winning box but what i really wanted was "Straight"....i think i have a solution to getting it straight [is in one of my blogs it has to do with MD Coordinates, which MD Coordinates are the most common]....

Also another problem that arises is that i don't think this system works on pick3 but more tests/experiments are needed...

I just realized that this system is the best system in the world for pick4....

so what you must be looking at is at the reversed delta numbers and not the regular numbers...The reversed delta numbers are the ones you need to be analyzing...

This just proves that a semi-supercomputer with algorithms could cracked Pick4...

Entry #256


Comment by pumpi76 - February 25, 2009, 4:19 am
This just prove that wheels for this particular game [pick4] are useless...
Comment by pumpi76 - February 25, 2009, 1:59 pm
remember you don't have to predict the reverse delta numbers straight, you need to predict them box...Remember they are only 1 to 5 and you take 4 at a time...Now tell me how hard is that...
Comment by pumpi76 - February 25, 2009, 7:12 pm
what you could do is you could once you deduce the delta lotto numbers into regular numbers you check for these MD Coordinates...They are the most common specially for Panama lottery: YOu can use them for the USA PIck4 also....
1-2; 2-3; 3-4; 4-5; 5-6; 6-7; 7-8; 8-9; 9-10; 10-11; 11-12; 1-3....2-4; 3-5; 4-6; 5-7; 6-8; 7-9; 8-10; 9-11; 10-12.....12-1; 11-1; 10-1; 12-2; 11-2; 10-2; 0-1; 0-2; 9-0; 9-1; 9-2; 10-0; 11-0; 12-0....
you will have to read my previous blogs about MD Coordinates system for pick4....
What you do since the delta lotto numbers repeat 1 digit twice you write the different digits repeated twice with the possible numbers [restantes], left back and then deduce...
Here is a good example: This is repetition of 2 and 3...
2-2-3-4               3-3-2-4
2-2-3-5               3-3-2-5
2-2-1-4               3-3-1-4
2-2-1-5               3-3-1-5
2-2-1-2               3-3-1-2

those were only 1 and 2 but what you can do is that once you deduce it which come out to be 8 tickets for each delta lotto combination numbers you then write down the ratio of even/odd treating "0" [zero] as even and only select 1 ratio, that will cut down in half the number of tickets...Is up to you...
Comment by pumpi76 - February 26, 2009, 12:00 am
notice that 1 or 2 numbers repeat from the previous drawing...
Comment by pumpi76 - February 27, 2009, 2:32 pm
for pick4 you get the reverse delta numbers by subtracting any regular number from 5....For example if you have as regular numbers 3-4-1-2 you take 3-5= 2, then 4-5 =1 then 1-5= 4 then 2-5= 3 so you will have 2-1-4-3 and those will be your reversed delta numbers....

suppose you have the 2-1-4-3 as reversed delta numbers:.suppose you have 2-1-4-3...

think about it this way and memorize this....each number has an twin brother number...

7 & 3 and twin brothers because if you subtract 7 from 5 you get 2 and if you subtract 3 from 5 you get 2 also...

8 & 2 are two twin brothers because if you subtract 8 from 5 you get 3 and if you subtract 2 from 5 you get 3...

4 and 6 are two twin brothers because if you subtract 4 from 5 you get 1 and if you subtract 6 from 5 you get 1 also...

same thing with 1 and 9 if you subtract 1 from 5 you get 4 and if you subtract 9 from 5 you get 4 also...

0 you treat it as 10 so if you subtract 10 from 5 you get 5....

if you subtract 5 from 5 you get 0....

so we have 2-1-4-3 and then i begin deducing. this is the first combination

i first start with the last digit 3 so i have 2-1-4-7 i just switched the 3 for its twin brother number 7...This is the second combination

then i start with the next to last digit digit 4 so i have 2-1-6-3 for 4 has 6 as its twin brother this is the third combination and i leave with the 3 of the first combination.....This is the third combination

but then i go back to the second combination previously and i put 2-1-6-7 and i leave the 7 from the second combination...This is the fourth combination

then i start with the second digit and i put 2-9-4-3 and i switch 1 for its evil twin 9 but i go back to the first combination and this time leave the 4-3 on the combination...This is the fift combination..

then i write 2-9 and united it with the 4-7 from the second combination leaving me with 2-9-4-7

i also write 2-9 with the 6-3 from the third combination leaving me with 2-9-6-3

i also write 2-9 with 6-7 leaving me with 2-9-6-7

then i united 2-9 with 4-3 leaving me with 2-9-4-3

then i start with the first digit and that will be 2 i replace if for its twin brother number which will be 8...

and i write 8 and unite it with the 1-4-3 of the first combination so it will be 8-1-4-3

then i united 8 with 1-4-7 from the second combination...leaving me with 8-1-4-7

then i uniite 8 with 1-6-3 from the third combination leaving me with 8-1-6-3

then unite 8 with 1-6-7 from the fourth combination leaving me with 8-1-6-7

then i unite 8 with 9-4-3 from the fifth combination leaving me with 8-9-4-3

then you unite 8 with 9-4-7 and you have 8-9-4-7

then you unite 8 with 9-6-3 and you have 8-9-6-3

then you unite 8 with 9-6-7 and you have 8-9-6-7

then you unite 8 with 9-4-3 and you have 8-9-4-3

and in total you will have:


















the previous example on the blog came out to 8 because the reversed delta numbers they were double you had a 1-2-2-5....

Comment by pumpi76 - February 27, 2009, 8:20 pm
but don't worry because the majority of time in pick4 1 digit of the reverse delta lotto numbers will repeat and when that happens deducing comes out to 8 combinations and no 17...

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