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Mega Millions After-thoughts


Last Edited: February 25, 2009, 1:21 pm

Has anyone noticed - all four numbers from the upper tier group are found in the first (11) strings of numbers. The exception range of 141 was only (10) elements away from the actual sum of 131, pretty good considering the total sum range of 15 to 270 for Mega Millions.

Then consider there was (1) repeat number 28, (2) super hot numbers 01-27, and (2) hot numbers 35-40. This mix seems rather unusual, excluding any due or cold numbers.

Now then, lets consider something else here. First off, filtering any group of numbers down to a single (sum total) is as extreme as it gets using sum filtering. Cost is the deciding factor here. If a sum range of 131 - 141 had been applied, would the cost/profit factor have improved? Probably not. Why? Because the amount of number strings to wager would most probably have out weighed any prize amount possible. Four numbers minus the gold ball pays $150.00. Three numbers minus the gold ball pays $7.00. In the first place, we are applying a 4if5of28 wheel here for our results. It is fairly unlikely that a (4) match could have been achieved with only four numbers appearing in the mix, although that is possible of happening, and has happened in our experience. If (5) numbers had appeared in the mix, it would have been possible to experience a (5) match, and possibly even a (4) match and several (3) matches.

In order to stay in the game, have some fun, and possibly get lucky and win something substantual, the extreme filtering process is the way to go. For the remainder of those with unlimited assets, if you have a new ink cartridge in your printer, most deffinately go the opposite extreme route and hope for the best.

In closing this up, let me just express that I find utilizing extreme measures of accomplishing my goals much more enjoyable, and habit forming, than traveling the easy paved route.


Tuesday 02/24/2009


01-27-28-35-40 06


Total Sum - 131


There were four numbers from the upper tier group

of   numbers,   and one number   from the lower tier

group of numbers. The total sum gravitated from 190

to 131 for this drawing.   The estimated total sum of

141 was excessively distanced from the actual total

sum to bring any worthwhile prize.


There are four (2) match’s from the upper tier group

of numbers, & zero matches from the lower tier group

of numbers.



There is no active Target Sum Range to

assist in selecting a viable sum range for

this  evenings   drawing. An exception is

being utilized, and, included here, is the

way the exception was accomplished >


We took the   Mid Sum Range   of 142.5,

added the Avg Sum Range of 139.8 and

divided by (2) giving us the sum of 141.

This exception will give us a reasonable

target   to shoot at in   tonight’s drawing.


This   is best   described as just another

way to legitimately  stay  in  the game

and have a little fun when the statistics

are in a dormant stage and of no help.


Another thing to consider is the fact that

if the 38 hits, the winnings will be double

all the money wagered.


Mega Millions

For Tuesday 02-24-2009

  StatPath-5 MM Color Legend 

  (Upper Tier Group) Number Strings - 21


Sum Range 141


01-11-28-46-55 38

01-23-28-41-48 38

01-23-28-43-46 38

01-25-28-41-46 38

02-11-25-51-52 38

02-16-22-46-55 38

09-12-33-35-52 38

09-13-33-35-51 38

09-16-21-43-52 38

09-19-23-39-51 38

10-16-27-33-55 38

10-16-35-39-41 38

11-21-23-35-51 38

11-22-27-29-52 38

11-23-33-35-39 38

12-21-22-35-51 38

15-16-22-33-55 38

16-21-22-39-43 38

19-21-22-27-52 38

19-21-22-28-51 38

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