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Mini User's Guide To My Excel Sheets


Lottery Excel Sheets Mini User's Guide by DiamondPalace


1. Input the date

2. Input the result

3. Compare the new result with the previous one for any repeated numbers
         - If there are repeated numbers within new result from previous, simply highlight the number in bold, and color red.
         - then put the repeated number in a red box under R# column on the same row as the result

4. Look for consecutive numbers within the new result.
         - if there are consecutive within the result, then input the numbers under C# column and on the same row as the result.

5. On the left hand side identify group numbers within the result.
         - A,B,C,D each groups have a range of numbers. Identify how many digits within the group under the group's column. Black box indicate no numbers from that group within the result.
         - Then identify the groups. If the result shows there are only numbers shows up in A,B,and C, then simply put ABC under "GROUP" column on the same row of the result.

6. Add up all the numbers within the result to get the sum, which goes under "SUM" column on the same row as the result.
         - Sum with greater or equal to 100, identify the box with purple color.
         - Sum with less or equal to 99, identify the box with gray color.
         - Whatever the sum is, say 80, then go to the "SUM RANGE" tab and add 1 to range 80-89 sum. Make sure to update this every time new sum is added.

7. Now, look for low and high numbers within the result. Low and high have its range of numbers, look at the top of the column next to "SUM" it is listed there. Identify how many low/high within the result and put that on the same row as the result (copy and paste from the previous result which shared the same low/high box).

8. Similar to low and high, but this time look for even and odd.

9. If the game you are looking at have Bonus ball, Mega Ball, or Power ball, there will be a section to the right for it. Very similar to the number group section towards the left, follow the same steps.

10. That's it. Each time new result arrive, input the result first and extract all the data from it and put on the same row. With questions feel free to PM me.

♦ DiamondPalace

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