Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Virgin Island and the Bahamas & Jamaica..You need this: Weekly Grand



Hawaii and Puerto rico please listen to me, you need Maine lottery game called: Weekly grand that cost 2 dollars...You need that...It will attract tourist....Please listen to me....YOu need it....

and guess what, that game is wrongly structured...

right now this is the way they got it set up:

4 of 4 + LB = 1,000 a week for 20 years

4 or 4 + 0 = 5,000 dollars

3 of 4 +LB = 500 dollars

3 of 4 + 0 = 25 dollars

2 of 4 + LB = 20 dollars

2 of 4 + 0 = 2 dollars

1 of 4 + LB = 10 dollars

0 of 4 +LB = 5 dollars

instant win = 5 dollars...

[don't know what i means]

and it cost 2 dollars per ticket...


Puerto Rico and Hawaii if you are listening to me do not follow this example, Jamaica you need to be listening too and the Virgin Islands....I strongly believe that such a game will stimulate tourism....

Hawaii and PUerto Rico this is how you should set it up:

4 of 4 + LB = 1,000 a week for 20 years

4 or 4 + 0 = 150 dollars

3 of 4 +LB = 100 dollars

3 of 4 + 0 = 15 dollars

2 of 4 + LB = 15 dollars

but don't call it weekly grand, call it PAYCHECK...Please i am begging you, call it Paycheck....And the cost of each ticket should be 2 dollars....This way you can give yourself the luxury of showing this game 4 or 5 times a week....If for some reason you can show it twice a day it will be spectacular...It is imperative that you call it PAYCHECK.....The only problem is that i wish you change the bonus ball range from 1-35 to 1-27

Hawaii, please listen to me, Puerto Rico Please listen to me, the Bahamas please listen to me, Jamaica please listen to me....

BELGIUM, you need this....I am afraid that the way they have it set up now that game will not survive...And it is such a beautiful game....

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Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey you need this....
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Conneticutt you need the Weekly Grand lottery game...
Avatar pumpi76 -
Alabama you are also another one that need the weekly grand game....
Avatar pumpi76 -
France you need this more than anyone else....
Avatar pumpi76 -
Japan, HongKong, Malaysia, Indonesia you need this....
Avatar pumpi76 -
Mexico you need this...

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