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"What is Energy and How Do You 'Read' it?


Looks like many of us are "readers" and don't even know it.


"What is Energy and How Do You 'Read' it?

 Lynnette Winiarski

"Energy is all around us all of the time. Everything is made up of some form of energy including our bodies and our spirits. There are many types of energy that we recognize readily and have given names to such as electrical energy, heat, gasoline, and oil. Other types of energy are also very familiar to us such as the energy of different emotions like anger, joy, grief, and euphoria. The places we go in our lives have energy such as the energy of our homes, our workplaces, our favorite restaurants and shops. And the people in our lives each have their own unique energy. Think of the energy of your neighbor, your co-worker, your friend, and your family members. How about the energy of you pet? Even earth and the cosmos have distinct energies. And if you live in GA you know the energy of spring and can feel the energy shifting as we move from winter to spring!

So, how do you know these different energies? How do you know the difference between winter and spring in GA? How do you know the difference between red and green? How do you know the difference between your home and your neighbors? Between anger and joy? In what ways do you experience and distinguish the different energies in you life? You do so by 'reading' the energy! Reading energy is something we each do every day.

Reading the energy of something is simply noticing it and naming it or describing it. This can happen in a number of ways. Let's examine two ways: clairsentience and clairvoyance. Say, you walk up to the check out counter at a department store and approach the sales person there. You may notice the energy off that person by using your eyes to see their appearance and body language, using your ears to hear the tone of their voice. You may also be using what's called your 'clairsentience' to sense the energy of that person. Are they open and friendly? Are they tired and resisting your approach? Are they angry and hostile? Are they sad or feel unwell to you? You may also notice how all of these things you're 'reading' about this person's energy are affecting your energy! Are you reaching out to help and heal the tired salesperson? Are you cautious as you approach the angry salesperson or are you matching their anger and feeling confrontational? Or, are you feeling drawn to the open, friendly salesperson and sensing a connection? Maybe you're simply neutral. Many people are very clairsentient and read energy in this way, perhaps without realizing it.

Another way of 'reading' energy is through what's called 'clairvoyance.' Clairvoyance is the clear seeing of energy. This skill is actually more common than you might think! In fact, when you're thinking of an idea or a place or a person you are probably using your clairvoyance. For instance, if I say 'apple' you may notice a mental image in your mind's eye of an apple. Or, if I say 'the Fonz from Happy Days' you most likely will have a picture in your mind's eye that comes up! Ayyyyy! Once you become aware of these mental image pictures going through your mind's eye you may realize you're 'looking' at lots of things. You may be deciding what you want to eat for lunch and notice that your visualizing different possibilities like a sandwich or pasta. Or perhaps you're 'looking' at different restaurants using your mind's eye and determining what looks good to you. You may find that you're visualizing things more these days and can use the information you get from 'reading' the energy of things in this way.

When you receive an energy reading from a professional, that person is most likely using one or both of these skills and perhaps others. You may just want a general reading on the energy around you. Or, you may want a reading on the energy of certain aspects of your life like a relationship or work options. A reading can give you clarity and validation for what you may have already noticed, but didn't think was real and can help clear away confusion.

Be aware of how the person you're working with reads and their focus when giving you a reading. Do they use cards or objects? Do they focus on the future and predictions? Do they tell you what you should do and give advise? Do they validate you and help you feel empowered? Are they doing healing work in addition to reading? Is the information they give you true for you? Are they using clairsentience more or clairvoyance or other abilities? It's often very helpful to let someone read the energies around you and give you some communication and information about what you're experiencing. Have fun noticing and reading the energies in your life!"


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