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Voted 3rd party? You're a terr'izt


Last Edited: March 15, 2009, 11:28 am

Earlier in the week a supposed police report was posted on infowars dot com put out by Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) titled "Secret State Police Report: Ron Paul, Bob Barr, Chuck Baldwin, Libertarians are Terrorists". www.infowars.com/secret-state-police-report-ron-paul-bob-barr-chuck-baldwin-libertarians-are-terrorists (read page 4 or 7, the one with all the flags)

Given the occasional bit of hyperbole over there, I wanted to see if there was any other source for this story. There is.

"Look Out! He's Got a Bob Barr Button!" www.reason.com/blog/show/132250.html has confirmed the story and linked to a follow-up AP article

"Missouri report on militias, terrorists draws criticism" www.kansascity.com/news/breaking_news/story/1086524.html

Essentially, what this paper does is take every group not happy to roll over and say "Yah Sir, Boss!" and no matter what their particular "issue" is, lumps them into some scary-dangerous-collective-racist "militia". Nevermind that plenty of video exists of lots of "diversity" at the political rallies, and most of the groups named don't have race-based ideologies.

Reminds me alot of the 1990s - Ruby Ridge (Entrapment), Waco (Hey, how come the number of non-whites killed wasn't mentioned?), Oklahoma City (How did multiple "devices" get inside the buildings?). Those events were presented very differently than later evidence showed them to be. This looks like a setup for something far worse than anything these groups could do, even if they were all working togerher; which they aren't.

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konaneComment by konane - March 15, 2009, 11:19 am
North American Union, Amero currency here we come. The only possible reason for such 'preparedness.'
TigerAngelComment by TigerAngel - March 15, 2009, 4:17 pm
Yep, thanx for posting time*treat, you beat me to it, I was thinking of this for my next post. Let's keep going, time is short and we have to TRY and alert people to the tyranny. What's the alternative to TRYING? Lay down and be a slave! In case any one wondered who is a candidate for the FEMA camps...read concentration camps... it's right here on your blog. I heard it includes home-schoolers. So, what to do? Spread the word. Get your own house in order like you would prepare for a hurricane, food, water, water filter, 1st aid kit, grab n'go kit if you have to go to a 2nd location. Copies of all your inportant documents, cash on hand, maybe some gold and silver coins.
If you see your town going "ferral" as many sources are predicting for this summer, you better have a second location to go to like mountains, relatives in another state.
Please see my blog regarding Oath-Keepers and pass it on. We need to EDUCATE the police and military. They should uphold their oath to the constitution and defend the PEOPLE against tyranny.
justxploringComment by justxploring - March 15, 2009, 10:53 pm
I've read the number of unhappy Americans becoming expats is increasing. However, there is a debate about the reason being political, since many are retirees who are only trying to make their savings go further.

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