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Tennessee Anomele str8 test 3/15 -3/21


Last Edited: March 15, 2009, 12:37 pm

I found an anomele that has worked for the past couple of weeks in a row ...check this out using the first 3 digits of every saturdays midday4 for plays for the week... for example your past saturday  3/7 was 0844,so you take the first 3 digits '084' and subtract 6 (the real math not lottery math) which gives you 078...now we're gonna focus on the back pair(78) and an even digit for the front...and sure enough 278 str8 was drawn within the next week..so that wraps up wee 3/7-3/14


using the same method for 2/28 til 3/7  the mid4 on 2/28 was 2223..so using 222 minus 6= 216  or even/16

the result that week was 216 str8   and same day 261 on mid were drawn


for the week of 2/21-2/28 the mid4 was 2609...so 260 minus 6= 254  and yet again an even/54 back pair   ....

result for that week was another str8   854 was drawn that week.....


The neatest part is all the hits have been at night!!!!...Now the question is will this method sh*t the bed because it was brought to light???...who knows,but i'd hate to see a str8 go by without any dough going back to the people.This leads us to this week.......................midday4 on the 14th is 2480   248  minus 6 =242    ...so our plays are 'even/42'

                        042   242    442  642   842


  also keep in mind your past repeats with the 42 pair...hope this helps you guys/gals!!!!!!

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