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Mana's Ramblings #0001


Mana's Ramblings #0001
::Disclaimer: This is someone who probably is oddball and strange, but it's who I am, and what I am. This disclaimer is always seen when a rambling is posted.::

I recently posted on a thread about God and gambling (http://www.lotterypost.com/threads90344.htm) and since I was going to post my ramblings on why I play the lottery (and some other things), I will also post my bit of thoughts on that for the record on the blog.

My thoughts on gambling and God
The verses "He that hasteth to be rich hath an evil eye, and considereth not that poverty shall come upon him" (Proverbs 28:22) and "He who oppresses the poor to get gain for himself, and he who gives to the rich will surely come to want" (Proverbs 22:16) I believe can be more applied to those excutives in companies like Tyco and Enron and their extravegant lifestyles at the expense of their workers and investors. With gambling, you have at least a KNOWLEDGE that it's going to most likely get lost; you're not investing, you're getting yourself entertained.  Of course, if all you circle around is chasing that dollar in the expense of everyone else, than yes, it's bad, just like the executives at Tyco and Enron. (And in my opinion, professional gamblers don't count, like Doyle Brunson doing poker, that's his job and he knows ... "when to hold em' and when to fold them". n.n ::Would love to be the first goth to hit the final table at the World Poker Tour, but that's a different entry on this blog::)

*copypaste* However, there is *RESPONSIBLE* use of money.  I *try* to do my tithe because I believe that "... it isn't my money, it's God's money." God can take away money as fast as he can give money to. It's a concept that I'm slowly learning. I don't necessarily have an income right now due to my situation, but I know it's something that I must do once I begin picking up on that. God wants us to spend our money wisely. I think of the lottery and gambling as entertainment that has a possible income, and I know I'll probably lose the money, but it's a chance in there if you play at all.

Now, why does this scary guy play the lottery?
There's three sets of numbers that I currently played for this drawing of the Mega Millions (which by the way, is the only one I play).

1 - Quick Pick/Easy Pick
2 - Sets of numbers derived from the dates of anime conventions I attended this year
3 - My insane mind and a recurring dream

The third one is the one I want to elaborate about. Though I won't state the numbers that I play for that one (they're as sentimental as they are for obvious purposes), I will state the circumstances that I get those numbers.

I would consider my mind as a very haunted and scary place, with many things that run left and right, and sometimes strange things as well. One of these strange things is a reoccuring dream I have been recieving for ages now. I also have something similar in my dreams, which is that it takes place in the same location: a gigantic giga-mall with -everything- in it.

Anyway, back to this reoccuring dream. It probably began a few years ago. I float in the middle of the empty atrium in the mall (it was closed, and is at night) and three women appear, one dark skinned with silver hair, one light skinned wth blonde hair, and one short kid with black hair. (I would like to note that they are from an anime called Oh My Goddess! o.o, must be watching too much anime then) I get pointed to a jumbotron in the mall that seems to be showing lottery results of some kind. The numbers since then have been burned in my mind, especially because it showed a lottery game that was not familiar to me at the time (I think the only lottery that even had a "special ball" was Powerball at the time I had the dream) ... and it was burned in my head forever.. Since then, I do get haunted by variations of the same dream with the same results.

Knowing my mind, it could be playing games on me, but I play those set of numbers every time at least, because I believe the only way to get rid of it is to hit something with that. I'm not completely fanatical, but I always have something set aside *just* for that set (I do multi-drawings), as it does alleviate my head for the time being.

I guess that would be all from the scary vaults of Mana's mind... as that is the end of that dream, my story, and my thoughts. I hope you enjoyed this little tidbit of Mana's inner workings.

Entry #3


ToddComment by Todd - July 2, 2004, 11:20 am
Interesting about the dream. Did you ever do a search to see if those numbers ever hit? If not, go here: http://www.biggamelottery.com/search.asp and type them in. Good luck tonight!

ManaComment by Mana - July 2, 2004, 11:29 am
None particularly big-hit except the big number ball :) But it's still something that I think that even if I do win big, it's probably something I'll have an attachment to, and just play those numbers. Thanks! ^^
johnph77Comment by johnph77 - July 3, 2004, 5:16 am
Scary thought about that entire thread. If there is a god, he doesn't hate anything.

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