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Do anybody knows the answer to these...


These are burning questions i been meaning to know the answer but don't know them...I am putting them here to see if any LP member can answer them and help me...

question #1:

Did boas or Anacondas used to be the size of the snake in the movie Anaconda with Jennifer Lopez during the time of the dinosaurs...Did they used to be huge...Did anacondas used to be that size during the times of the dinossaurs...If you notice no snake presently is the size of that snake in the movie Anaconda with Jennifer Lopez...


What kind of vision do mosquitoes have that alows them to see in the dark? .e.g, infrarred, etc....Supposedly the lower you go in the intelligence tier of animals the less color they can see...I just wonder which kind of vision mosquitoes have....Do they see infrared? I say they got to see infrared to be able to see at night...

question#3: They say that in Mars there is no oxygen...So if you was to send a human/man mission to mars, how will they take off from the Red Planet if you need oxygen for combustion...

question#4:  I was looking at the discovery channel or national geographic one of those 2...And they were talking about the evolution of the Earth, and how it came to be and they explain everything, something to do with the clock...Well believe it or not they said in that program that the water that exist in the planet, all of it, came to this planet by lots of meteor/asteroids containing water from different parts of the solar system and this meteors collided with the earth releasing water...Well i don't know because that's got to be a hell of a vast number of meteors to release the AMOUNT OF WATER THAT THERE IS IN THE OCEANS...So this can't be possible....yet that's what they said...

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