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Improvements on Prize Ratio


Last Edited: March 25, 2009, 3:29 am

DiamondPalace's Current Prediction Statistic

Last month my prediction hit ratio is at 0.86% this month is 0.46%, but my prize ratio went up from 54.16% to 69.28%. Meaning that although having hit less, the payout is more. This is because the pick 4 system hits a straight once a week combined with wave after waves of pick 3 str, as of late the both systems are doing good. More so than my other previous systems, thus the increase in prize ratio. It has also moved me up from 50+ place to 21st (current).

With the on going pick 3 and pick 4 straight hits, one can hope to be in the TOP TEN Hot Predictors by the end of April.

While in my experience in using other systems and my own, they tend to get cold. I am trying to create a flexible system that it gets cold for few days out of a week rather than it to be a season effect. Like for an example, it may hit two weeks straight, then get cold for few weeks, or months...by then Quick Picks have better chance. To prevent this, I am currently testing the new systems so that IF the ones I have got cold (flexible became stiff), there are some backup system to fall back on. And to hope in creating a flexible system.

I've back tested for previous 6 months, and now live test forward for additional month, few more weeks to go before a conclusion to the system. Giving the average, the expected hits, if it needs calibrations for optimal extractions, or can it catch the winning combos as it designed? It's one of my masterpiece, lots of thoughts, tests, and work goes into it. What motivates me is the amount of people it can help to win the unlimited amount of money (as long as they continue to play to win).

The prize ratio has to be over a 100% to make profit. When it is at 69.28% it means every $10 I spent, I only make back $6.93. This cannot be compared exact with the system's prize ratio, it only shows that the system currently is producing good numbers. The prize ratio that I have is not the same as the system's prize ratio, because it is much higher. Will calculate it all at the end of the test period to see how much was lost/won.

Anyway, thought I would post up some results from my current straight systems.

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