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Maybe This will Stop the Spread of Aids, Gonoreah, Clamidia: Just trying to help


Last Edited: April 6, 2009, 12:44 am


20some sex group: I got this idea from watching gladiator: you know how 20 guys can each putting in 200 dollars and accumulate 4,000 dollars...Well they could do this to females...20 guys gather and each puts in 600 dollars and gather 12,000 and buy a girl for the whole years and the 20 guys sleep through the year with that same girl...Each year they put in 600 dollars and sleep with her as many times as they like for the entire year, better than paying 100 dollars to a girl each time you want to see her to have sex....Talking here in Panama....They will be basically sex pooling....And the thing is that the girl doesn't have to sleep with other guys, she can sleep with the same 20 guys for years and years...This mean that the girl will be making 1,000 a month, which in Panama is a lot providing that a nurse earns 300 a month....I think this could potential prevent Aids and sexually transmitted disease....But the girl must make the guys pledge 600 every year....Here in Panama a call girl charges 100 dollars for the basic package and you can only do her once maybe for a couple of hours...for 600 dollars you can only do her for 6 times which could be equivalent to 4 hours each day for 6 days or 24 hours straight, while with what i propose a girl can be yours for the entire year, for you and for 20 guys for the entire year, you all can divide each days and hours...But the problem is making the guys loyal....A guy can easily cheat and have sex with someone else...This system i have to say is good if you want to keep a guy single, not just 1 but 20 of them....Tell me, which one do you prefer? getting paid 2,000 a month by been an excort/prostitute and risking  getting Aids or some crap and sleeping with more than 100 guys in 1 week, or having sex all day everyday and getting paid 1,000 a month....Exactly...Did i mention those 1,000 in Panama....And 1 guy can pay the 600 monthly, like: 50 dollars every month....All i am saying, here in Panama that can cure Aids, and sexually transmitted diseases.....
You know i got this idea also from watching CNN and the bus that a lot of people could buy if they all pool in...But guess what this just remainded me because i was thinking about this since i was in college playing soccer when i was like 22 years old....I thought Rebecca Hobe/Hobe a girl i like was doing that....

And this is only Panama, where earning 1,000 is very, very good, free of tax...What about the USA, where i heard on tv that oral sex for 1 hour will cost you around 40 dollars and that's prostitutes from the streets...So sex for 1 hour will cost you around 100 dollars in the USA with prostitutes from the Streets, different from Panama where for like 4 or 5 hours it will cost you 100 dollars the basic package, well i think....So in the USA, sex for 1 hour with a street prostitute will cost you 100 dollars....So for sex for 5 hours will cost you 500 dollars...And that's less than 1 day....So if they get 20 guys, each one putts in the double, which will be 1,200 dollars a year and they must remain loyal to the same women...So the women get's paid, 2,000 a month and she has sex with the same 20 guys and no more than that...And the 20 guys get unlimited sex for the entire year...The guys can pay 100 dollars a month if he likes....I know women will get paid less but at least they are guaranteed to be clean .....And again this is not just for the USA but for Italy, France, England, Turkey, Germany, Greece, Spain, Portugal, etc, etc, etc....Sex is like water it gets dirty the more you use it....Again which one do you prefer? you Preffer to pay 2,000 up to 3,000 dollars for a escort that will last you 5 hours or 1 day and which is also shared by more than 30 guys IN ONE DAMN WEEK, [again more than 30 in ONE DAMN WEEK, 120 in 1 month or 80 or 50 or whatever still more than 20] or you prefer to pay 1,200 dollars for almost unlimited sex and know you are helping stop the spread of Aids, ghonorreah, etc, and the girl you have is very clean....Tell me 98% or 97% of women with how many partners do they sleep in their entire lifetime...I'll like to know with how many guys they sleep with....you should research it....
but this will only work with 20 guys it will not work with more than that....

This could possibly stop the spread of AIDS and Sexually transmitted diseases....Please let me know if you think it could stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases or if you think it could not....

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emilygComment by emilyg - April 6, 2009, 1:42 am
Or you could just hold an aspirin between your knees -
four4meComment by four4me - April 6, 2009, 1:31 pm
The only thing that can help stop the spreading or giving STD's to someone is practicing safe sex, using condoms, and not exchanging body fluids.

When people are having sex they are inherently sharing the partners that either one has ever been with.

So gang banging is not they way to go about the prevention of STD's.

No man or woman should have unprotected sex with anyone they aren't absolutely sure of is free of STD's.

To Quote John Travolta in the movie The Generals Daughter:

Or she required her men to wear condoms. Haven't you heard they're in fashion again because of disease?

Nowadays you have to boil people before you sleep with them. (sarcasm joke)

Comment by pumpi76 - April 6, 2009, 4:55 pm
this is not about gangbanging, this is about having 19 partners that you sleep throught the year and only those guys/partners....This is for women who like to have sex for money [prostitutes]....Instead of sleeping with 100 guys in 1 month like prostitutes or escorts do, they can adopt this and have sex only with 19 guys, guys they trust....I honestly don't know if this will stop AIDS maybe yes, maybe not but at least is a good way that they can adopt....
Comment by pumpi76 - April 6, 2009, 5:06 pm
I don't know why i do this for females, because i tell you they are nasty, not nasty sexually, nasty inside, mentally...
Comment by pumpi76 - April 6, 2009, 5:08 pm
my bad the titled in bold "20some sex group" that shouldn't be there...It started out that way as a warning but if you read the entire blog you will know that is not about gangbanging with 19 guys, is about a women having 19 partners and only 19 partners to have sex with throughtout the year and only those 19 guys for years to come....
Comment by pumpi76 - April 6, 2009, 5:16 pm
But i think this is the safest way to stop AIDS...People talk about they want to stop AIDS but i think is just words...

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