My Follow-Up Numbers



 Tuesday 7th  April, 2009 

925 = 842/227      834  = 040/281bx hit EM=182

294 = 341/541      297 = 287/857   

485 = 486/727      199 = 139/078                                                            

LepSat. 208=219 bx hit 129 ENY/Fri. 702=111 str. LC

Entry #119


Avatar chippie -
278 soon pop out the bag.
Avatar girlfriend1 -
Hi Tanya
I am new to the post. Can you tell me if this is for all states or if I can use them in michigan. Can you also tell me how you do follow up numbers if you can, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for all your hard work I think this is great.

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