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Wouldnt it be nice: TV translator from all the languages in the world


Last Edited: April 8, 2009, 6:24 pm

Wouldn't it be nice: TV Translator: Wouldn't it be nice if you could watch any TV show from across the world on your TV with cable with a translation as caption...Like if the TV came with a built in huge encyclopedia translation, where you can watch any show from many countries with translation caption including the comercials...Wouldn't that be nice...This will be a great advancement...And if they have to sell this tv more expensive then so be it, i know i'll pay for it if it was me....And this TV's are more important than HDTV and plasma and all those stuff....And you are going to tell me that Sony and Panasonic and JVC and all those companies that make billions of dollars each year, can take 200 million dollars [they can even pool for it], and take the 200 million dollars and place it in the bank and the 10 million each year go to pay translators to translate the entire world languages......I think TVs only translate into the 4 major languages but i don't know....Like if TV's came with a chip...I don't understand this people can create plane engines that are more complicated than a global translator and yet they can't create a global translator...And wouldn't it be nice if with that same TV you could watch any channel from any country in the world or if you could watch all the channels from all the countries in the world....

Language Translator: Wouldnt' it be nice:  Also wouldn't it be nice if language translator were like the blackberry but where you have like a pencil where you can write the word on the screen that you like translated, instead of having to punch the keystrokes which is very slow.....

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marlon39Comment by marlon39 - April 10, 2009, 2:45 am
Pumpi76, I love the idea. Wouldn't it be nice to have free cable channel as well.

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