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Are You Ready To Win The Big One??


Think about it ; are you really ready for all the fast-track decisions that has to be made when you win the Big one?
I have been playing different Lotteries for 20/30 years and never won,I never thought about that day. What would I do if I had the winning Ticket,? Would I call the place that sold the  ticket and get involved with all the excitment or get professional advice first.In my case I would have to make a decision as to who would be with me when I cashed the ticket, you see I buy my tickets.My spouse and kids have never bought tickets for me,nor have we bought tickets together for the family.
My lotto playing friends are my co-workers.
Just think about the change that a big win would have on your life;You would have enough cash to change the lives of so many around you:: but do you really want to bail-out your daughter-n-law or just your son,your son-n-law or just your daughter? How about the sister or brother that has not had a job for lack of wanting one.You would make a decision to help a deadbeat relative or
a good friend thats really struggling to make ends meet.
How do you say no to all the sick and homeless and support a child that continues to get in troubles and is always there with a need for help. I FIND IT EASY FOR A PARENT TO HONOR A CHILD because thats what you do when you continue to support them when they are grown.(had to put that end).

I guess my thoughts are who really win when you hit a jackpot, If I ever win the  big one I know I will continue to play, only then I will be an Advisory Player,
Winners can give advice. So really are the peoples around me ready for a winner because I think they will reap more than me.I would get the Title  and they would get the benefits. I have thoughts of getting me a plan for my winning day,I want to be ready.
Have I lost it or  am I in need of a win? Let me know what you think.

Entry #1


dejavousComment by dejavous - April 19, 2009, 12:10 pm
You havenot lost it. Let me tell you people who have not spoken to you in years, would be the first one to start coming around. All of a sudden you owe the world something. Before you have a chance to deal with your win, everybody will suddenly be in need. You would be amazed to know how much people cannot afford to pay there children school fees, how many people need refrigerators and they would even need new cars. I know someone who was supposed to have won $1.4 million even the church ministers were suddenly calling her. She was bombarded with applications for credit cards and not tomention the brochures that were mailed to her.

I would advised you to keep it confidential even from some of your very close relatives untill you have put everything in perspective. Get a very good lawyer, finicial adviser and a good banker.

Me, my parents and my child would be the first one's that i take care off. They would never have to worry about anything. Thank god for them.

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