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If you got here from the amazon.com reports...


::Lights candles and tells a story.::

I've just noticed the little box in the corner of the left side of LotteryPost that said "Site Info, Rank, etc." and clicked it. Gone over to Amazon.com and poof some reviews. Now that I look at it, I see fairly straight on reviews, but there's a couple reviews that caught my eye, due to their negativity.

Let's start with the one you'll probably see right away:

The people giving this web site high marks don't know whats really going on. The site administrator has no credility in any discussion concerning the lottery.He's a first class shyster. Go to any official state lottery web site and you'll find a warning that any overseas web site that sells lottery tickets are illegal and a scam.

On the Lottery Post home page, on the left where it saids click a game to play, there's a link to a company called Niles International, Inc. with a post office box in The Netherlands. You can setup a credit card account and for double the amount you pay for a ticket at a official state lottery retailer you play the lottery. The caught is they hold the ticket. Yes, they will credit your account if you win a couple of hundred dollars. If you win a million dollar jackpot, they claim they will meet you at the state lottery headquarters and personally hand you the ticket. Yea Right!! No one has ever won and been paid a jackpot in this matter and never will.

This is illegal and a scam. The Lottery Post administrator, Todd, gets 10% of the link sales. Profits from state lottery sales go to worthwhile projects within your state. Keep the money there. Don't give it to a illegal company in The Netherlands and some sleaze bag from New Jersey running this lottery site.This site is worthless and does'nt deserve your support in anyway.

Remember to note my goth background to be a little bit skeptical myself. However, this person seems to be screaming alot about the ads that are aside from the main area, and are often un-obtrusive. Todd is alot more knowledgeable than one would think from looking at the site. As for the companies, I don't really have a need for them, but looking at the close text, they're legitimate. Of course, no one has won big though them, because you gotta actaully win big first? ^^; From those that have used their services, they can safely tell you that they are legitimate.

Now for the second comment:

The site breeds mediocrity at best. I've been an avid lotto players for more than 10 years and visited many sites. I found this site to be very little innormative and lacking in some solid contents. The posts generated should stick to the contents of lottery rather than free for all type of conversations. After all, the site was intended for lotto players, not a free for all chat room which it seems like it is.

Well, this one I can't blame too much on, but coming from a background of video game, roleplaying, and cosplaying forums (and especially a omnibus anime forum such as Gaia-Online.com), it's not terribly off, even for the type of audience, which is a much older crowd than I myself hang out with more regularly. The internet forum is a place to get together nowadays, and it isn't immune to the internet floatsam and jetsam either.

For those that are looking at this site based on the negative reports, please consider my thoughts, even though I may be only a 20 year old goth who is "into that Japanese animation" stuff. Sure, we have ... me ... on this place that seems a little off, but I do have quite an interest in gambling and lotteries as well. Not all goths wanna slash their wrists and write poetry in candlelight ya' know. ^^; You may have different backgrounds, but if you have that interest in lotteries, it is a great place to at least observe and participate.

And that's Mana's two cents.

::Puts out the candles.::

Entry #5


Comment by bobo7703 - July 3, 2004, 4:51 pm

i will not play playlot.com no more
ManaComment by Mana - July 3, 2004, 5:03 pm
Oh? o.o What's up with them?
ToddComment by Todd - July 3, 2004, 10:45 pm
Bobo also wrote me an e-mail warning me about your Blog entry. Here's the response I sent him:

Mana's blog pointed out some jerk that wrote lies about me and my web site. Mana didn't write the thing, he was quoting a negative review, obviously written by a jealous idiot. If you're going to believe every a$$h**e that writes junk on the internet then you might as well unplug your computer right now.

It makes me sick that I would even need to reply about that jerk who wrote the message on Amazon, but there's always someone out there that believes whatever some stranger writes.

Mana, I understand your intentions are not bad, and I really had no problem with your Blog entry, but maybe it's better not to repeat negative junk that only highlights what would probably be overlooked.

ManaComment by Mana - July 4, 2004, 8:18 am
::Didn't know it could be misunderstood, and apologizes::

Understandable Todd. I didn't think it would be *that* bad to make a response about it. I apologize if the entry causes any problem, I just didn't like how some people view this place in a view that seems distorted, which this place is fantastic.

I will have to keep in mind with that in the future.
ManaComment by Mana - July 4, 2004, 8:24 am
For referancing in the future, the quoted sections are from somewhere else. I love this place to death. ^_^ They're just responses from people I saw bashing the place, which I just... didn't like to see. I wished it wasn't so though

I'm still trying to understand the different cultural nuances here, since I do come from different environments, and I guess being a lil confrontational is not that bad, but there's probably some things that should be ignored, like those who dislike this place for whatever reason. I love this place, and that's all it should matter with meh, and with everyone else. ^_^ This is a great place, I know I know... and it will continue to be a great place.
ManaComment by Mana - July 4, 2004, 8:46 am
Okay, can we have edit fields? lol
ToddComment by Todd - July 4, 2004, 9:43 am
I never had any problem with the quote you put there. The problem seems to be that some people will look at something and refuse to read the context it came from, and then post some silly comment like "i will not play playlot.com no more" based on it.

I gather from the way the sentence was written that English may not be the person's first language, which may also be a source of the problem. But in any case, I would say (from prior experiences similar to this one) that for the fringe, extreme comments I see elsewhere, it is better to ignore them. Well thought out and well-organized criticism is always welcome, and I love a good debate. I guess I just try to avoid glorifying the cretins out there.

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